Wet Behind the Rears is the 19th episode in Season 5 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the overall 112th episode.


The duo is sitting on the football field during gym class then a javelin hits Beavis' hand. Then in the locker room Beavis is covered in blood and Coach Buzzcut tells them to take a shower but they don't want to so they decide to take a shower in their underwear then the fire alarm rings. And Coach Buzzcut tells them to get out so everybody saw Beavis and Butt-Head in their underwear and it turns out that Coach Buzzcut and Principal McVicker had made Beavis and Butt-Head strip and set the fire alarm so Beavis and Butt-Head would be completely humiliated in public.



Butt-Head: Pools oteris.

Beavis: Yeah.

Butt-Head: Batawn desert.

Beavis: Yeah.

Butt-Head: Jabelin thrower.

Beavis: Yeah. [Someone threw the thing on Beavis hand, and started screaming]

Butt-Head: Whoa.

Beavis: Ow.

Butt-Head: You dumbass. I warned you [Buzzcut blowing the whistle]

Buzzcut: All right, man. Hit the showers, now!

Beavis: Ow.

Buzzcut: Where the hell think you're going?

Butt-Head: Uh, to class.

Beavis: Um, Y-Yeah. Yeah, class.

Buzzcut: Maybe you didn't hear me when i'm told you the hit the showers.

Butt-Head: Uh, we said you'll real like talking the somebody.

Buzzcut: I was talking, to everybody.

Butt-Head: But like, Uh, we didn't slet.

Beavis: Yeah, yeah. It's even same sir. Um, I just wait to I get home to take shower.

Buzzcut: Look at you boy. You're cover then crap.

Beavis: Um, that was last one week. This is blood sir.

Buzzcut: Damn it, this class. Is psyical education. And that in care, for personal hygene. Hit the showers now, or fail.

Butt-Head: Uh, well. It looks kind a crap.

Buzzcut: Do I have undress your head Butt-Head.

Butt-Head: Uh, no.

Beavis: Yeah. No. This sucks. I hate taking showers.

Butt-Head: Yeah. I don't want some naked dude standing on the swan nest to me.

Beavis: Yeah, really. I don't want some naked dude standing next to me swan sanging around. Hey good game man.

Butt-Head: You better not look at me, fartknocker, i'll kick your ass.

Beavis: I'll kick your ass.

Students: Hey, Beavis and Butthead, are you guys ghana finally take a shower?

Butt-Head: Uh, um, hey dude.

Beavis: Um...

Students: I've never see you guys take a shower before for.

Butt-Head: Uh, yeah.

Students: How come your guys never take a shower?

Butt-Head: Uh... Hey Beavis. It's all clear.

Students: Hey, Beavis. Can you help me with this?

Beavis: [Groaning]

Buzzcut: I'm beginning to wonder if you boys have ever takin a shower your life. What the hell do you think you're doing with your underwear still on?

Beavis: Um, we don't want anyone looking at my ass.

Butt-Head: Yeah. Are you one of those gym teachers that watch the dudes shower?

Buzzcut: Damn it, boy. You have me pushed me to the lenaimt. You're not getting out this time. I'm gonna tear your... [Fire Alarm Ringing] That's a fire alarm. Now hurry up and get outta here.

Butt-Head: Dude, we have been saved. With the power slam.

Beavis: Yeah. Fire drills rule!

Buzzcut: Are you deaf? That's a fire alarm, get the hell outta here now!

Butt-Head: Uh, we're just gonna like, get dressed first.

Beavis: We'll be right out. See you later.

Buzzcut: That is a fire alarm. That means the school might me burning down. Now if you don't get the hell outta here. I'm gonna personality grab your bad aids grundies. And drag you outside in front of the entire student body. So get the hell out! NOW!!! [Students still outside] Get out there, before I drag you out.

Girl Students: Hey look, it's Beavis and Butt-Head. [All Laughing]

Mr. McVicker: Uh... Good job.

Buzzcut: That's too bad. Another minute they might have been naked. [Buzzcut Laughs]

Mr. McVicker: Yeah. Look at 'em.



  • The title is based on the expression "wet behind the ears".
    • Unlike the name of the episode, Beavis and Butt-head never actually get wet.
  • Included, without music videos, in disc 1 of the 2006 "Mike Judge Collection Vol. 2" DVD set.
  • The clip of Beavis getting stabbed in the hand by a javelin is reused in the montage sequence on the episode "Beavis and Butt-Head Are Dead".
  • This episode is the only episode to show two music videos together.
  • Beavis teases the censors by saying fire alarm.
  • This episode was originally shown with only this video during Butt-Bowl II. The full episode with all videos premiered 1/31/95.
  • During the Yes video, Butt-head got past the censors by saying, "If I would turn into a bird, I would turn into a cock."
  • Highland High conducted their January fire drill just in the nick of time before it was too late, as only two days were left in the month.


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