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Weird Girl is the 17th episode of Season 9 of Beavis and Butt-Head and the 239th episode overall.


Beavis encounters a secret admirer at school, but doesn't return those feelings.


At Highland High School, Beavis has turned into Cornholio after gorging himself on whipped cream, and bursts into the cafeteria in a roaring bout for TP. As security guards tackle him and escort him kicking and screaming (with Butt-Head egging them on), a lone blue-haired girl is watching with intrigue.

Later, in class, Mr. Van Driessen is talking about Romeo and Juliet while Beavis is scribbling on his paper (and on the desk) with a red pen. He notices the blue-haired girl glancing back at him, and wakes Butt-Head up to tell him. Butt-Head suggests she is just looking at Beavis because he's weird. The girl writes a note reading "I <3 U" and throws it to Beavis. Butt-Head looks at it for him, thinking the heart is a butt and the "U" is the bottom of a foot. He deduces that the girl isn't good at drawing but is threatening to kick Beavis' ass, and could do it since she has "weirdo strength". As Beavis begins worrying over this, Van Driessen tells him to trade seats with a student named Hector since he and Butt-Head are being disruptive. This puts Beavis right beside the blue-haired girl. Butt-Head calls her from behind to kick Beavis' ass.

The girl introduces herself as Glennis. Beavis is nervous but tries to act casual as Glennis whispers about how both of them are seen as weird by their peers. She shows him a drawing she did of the Metallica logo, and though Beavis remains oblivious as she tries to explain it (even though it is right on his T-shirt as it's always been), he compliments her effort, making her smile. Noticing their exchange, Van Driessen approaches Beavis and Glennis asking if there is anyone/anything they love that could add to the discussion. Glennis says there is someone, but she doesn't want to share. Beavis initially denies loving anything, but Van Driessen urges him and he admits he is secretly passionate about something. As he starts talking about it, Glennis becomes hopeful that he returns her feelings, but Beavis says it is fire he loves and she tears up in disappointment. He continues rambling about fire, with Butt-Head laughing and telling Hector that Beavis is weird.

The next day, Beavis and Butt-Head arrive at school to find firemen dousing a fire (this time not caused by them), much to their surprise. Cody tells them that Glennis burned down the school's Honors trailer, and she is being arrested. Glennis fogs the police car window with her breath and writes "I <3 U" in it with her finger. Butt-Head again misinterprets the heart as a butt, but this time mistakes the "U" for a head, so he and Beavis think she wants Butt-Head. Beavis says it's a shame she's going to jail since Butt-Head could've scored with her but he claims he isn't bothered since there are many chicks who want him, and that no chicks want Beavis because he's a weirdo.



  • YouTube: Clip from MTV's How Far is Tattoo Far?


  • During the HFITF video, Beavis and Butt-Head interpret the tattoos as saying Diarrhea, a name that they used to call Daria. She isn't brought up at any point, though.


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