The two unnamed police officers are two minor recurring characters and are policeman from the Highland Police Department. They are introduced in Season 8 and are featured numerous times throughout the season.

As suggested, their names are never disclosed to the viewer.

Appearance Edit

The two are always shown together, suggesting that they are assigned partners. They both wear the same standard blue police uniform.

One is shorter and stockier than the other, brown hair, sporting a small mustache and a short haircut. He is always seen wearing sunglasses and usually will enter the scene with his nightstick drawn and clutched in both hands in a threatening manner.

The other officer is taller and skinnier with a blonde short fade haircut. He is almost always seen entering holding or drawing his shotgun followed by a gun click, suggesting he is ready and willing to gun down any criminal that runs. He is never actually seen using this weapon, however.

Unlike the past seasons' comical display of the Highland Police Department as either corrupt, overly-aggressive, incompetent, or all of the above, the two new officers display a significantly higher degree of professionalism and are usually very effective at their jobs.

Trivia Edit

  • The two policemen are always seen together.
  • They are seen chasing the Burger World manager for public urination/indecency in Bathroom Break. It is unknown whether he is caught, but it is assumed he is arrested as Beavis and Butthead continue to hang out in the bathroom with no immediate repercussions.
  • In Holding, they arrest two female pornstars, two males, and a mother after mistakenly thinking that they were involved in a child pornography ring due to Beavis & Butthead being there.
  • In Werewolves of Highland, they arrest a homeless man after receiving reports of him biting people (Beavis & Butt-head). This is one of the few times where they are not armed with their trademark weapons.


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