Beavis and Butt-Head

Tom Anderson's War Stories is a short series featured in Beavis and Butt-Head first revealed in the 2022 revival during Season 10. This segment is based on Tom Anderson telling vast stories of his various moments during his time in the service. In this short segment, Tom reveals that he was a veteran of 2 foreign wars with many tales of his adventures but mostly speaks of home improvement style details and various repairs rather than the initial conflict.

1. As his unit was prepared to land on a beach during a battle off the coast of Incheon, Korea, while operating the boat he decides to abandon the middle of an amphibian invasion to repaint the boat they were on, citing the appropriate way to primer and paint a boat. He also provided his subordinate a letter to his wife consisting of instructions on how to properly maintain an oil furnace. He concluded with the boat lasting another 6 months before sinking in the Sea of Japan. (Featured in the Episodes Old Man Beavis and Hunting Trip)

2. During the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, while on the way to the battle in their jeeps, Tom was critiquing his men about the Jeeps windshield wipers not working properly and began removing one of them all the while the bombing was commencing, citing that the wiper blade motor was worn out. He concluded with the fact that the whole wiper motor had to be replaced. (Featured in the Episodes The Day Butt-Head Went Too Far and Spring Break)

3. While surrounded behind enemy lines by a regiment of Communist soldiers in a Korean farmhouse, Tom was fixing a sink for a Korean farmer named Hon-yong and pointed out an incompatible pipe used in his sink, all the while Hon-yong and Anderson's fellow Marines were killed, yet Tom was more concerned with finding the turn-off valve. He concluded with finding the valve near the water heater to find the T and P valve on the water heater incorrectly placed, citing that the farmer could have received burned had he not been killed. (Featured in the Episodes The Ciabatta Zone and Warehouse)