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The Special One is the 2nd episode of Season 9 of Beavis and Butt-Head and the 224th episode overall.


Beavis encounters a sentient flame in a dumpster that dubs him "the Special One" and orders him to change himself for the better.


Beavis is at a restaurant asking a cashier if they have matches or lighters since they're advertising "fire wings". The cashier tells Beavis to get out and he strolls behind the restaurant where he finds a big fire in the dumpster. To Beavis' awe, the fire forms a face and speaks to him. Beavis praises the fire for being so cool and Fire dubs Beavis his "special one". For his first command, Fire tells Beavis to run around his school's football field 4 times. Beavis is not eager to do it, but does it anyway.

When Beavis returns, Fire explains that he needed the exercise which Beavis again reluctantly agrees with. Fire then excitedly commands Beavis to pick up all the bottles in the alley and surrounding alleys and place them in the recycling bin. Beavis is confused, but does as Fire commands. After all the recycling, Beavis hopes that Fire will tell him to do something cool finally. But Fire tells him to read The Call of the Wild and write an essay on it. Disappointed, Beavis asks why Fire is making him do these things and Fire explains Beavis needs to start thinking about college and such.

Beavis re-enters the restaurant and tells the cashier there's a fire in the dumpster. As the cashier uses an extinguisher to put it out, Fire pleads with Beavis to stop him and Beavis just looks away guiltily. Once the cashier thanks Beavis and leaves, Beavis looks into the dumpster at the weak embers of Fire and mutters that that fire sucked. He is then pleased to find a lighter on the ground and walks off with it.



  • TikTok: scconvict - How to make prison tattoo ink (SDCC/YouTube preview)
  • Cale Dodds - I Like Where This is Going




  • This episode reveals the backstory behind Beavis' pyromania: on his third birthday, Beavis was mesmerized by the flame on the candle of the cake, which told him to look at its "fearful glory".
  • At some point, Beavis put an M-80 in Anderson's mailbox
  • This is the first episode not to feature Butt-Head in the plot, although he still appears in the video review and in a flashback.
    • The show's title card reflects his absence by replacing him with "Fire", and the episode's title card just has "Beavis" in the show's logo.
  • During the Cale Dodds video, Beavis thinks Cale is Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy. The duo previously appeared in that show during the episode "Peter and Lois' Wedding", where Peter was shown hanging out and laughing with them, wearing a Boyz II Men shirt. Mike Judge reprised his role for the duo.
    • Daria appeared in the same episode, where she gets hit on by Joe Swanson. There, she appears in her design from her show modified to fit in with Seth's art style (unlike the duo, who retained their original designs).
      • Hank Hill, protagonist of Judge's other show King of the Hill and Tom Anderson's "successor", has made several cameo appearances in Family Guy, most recently in the episode "All About Alana", which premiered three months before this episode.


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