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The Final Judgement of Beavis is the 13th episode in Season 4 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 70th episode overall.


Beavis and Butt-head watch the movie Iron Justice on their TV. After a scene where Robocop tricks a thug by crashing through the other side of the wall with his iron body and strength, the duo desire to imitate the scene due to how cool it is.

As Butt-head hides on one side of the doorway, Beavis runs as fast as he can to break through the wall, but he ends up rushing himself to the point that he creates a large crater in it and gets a concussion after he drives his head in the process.

Because of this, Beavis has a near-death experience after and meets St. Peter, who is none too pleased with Beavis' actions while living on Earth.


Music Videos[]

  • Gary Numan - "Cars"
  • Frank Black - "Los Angeles"
  • Tom Waits - "I Don't Want to Grow Up"



[We open with Beavis and Butt-Head watching Iron Justice on TV. During the show, they see a thug about to walk into a building with a loaded gun, laughing all the while. Ironically, Beavis and Butt-Head are laughing as well. Suddenly, Iron Justice smashes through a wall and grabs the thug by his throat.]

Iron Justice: You are under arrest for violation of penal code 7538-7.

Beavis: [He laughs] He said "penal".

Butt-Head: Iron Justice is cool!

Beavis: Yeah! I wanna do that!

[They get up and go outside to recreate the scene, with Butt-Head acting as the thug, and Beavis standing outside.]

Butt-Head: I can't do this all day, dill-weed!

Beavis: Here I come! [He starts running for the house, head first.]

Butt-Head: [He laughs.] "Come".

[Suddenly, Beavis collides with the house, breaking a hole in the wall, then collapsing on top of their trashcans. Butt-Head goes outside to look.]

Butt-Head: Beavis, you wuss! You hardly made a dent. [He doesn't realize that Beavis has just killed himself.] Uhh, Beavis? Beavis, you wuss. Get up, dill-weed! [He kicks Beavis' corpse over, still unaware of what has happened.] Don't make me kick your ass, Beavis! [He starts laughing, and does exactly as he said he would.] I'm kicking your ass, Beavis! This is cool. Look at me, Beavis! I'm kicking your ass! "Kicking your ass"! [He laughs as he continues to literally kick Beavis' ass.]

[Meanwhile, Beavis is traveling into a glowing light with a heavenly choir singing in the background.]

Beavis: This music sucks!

[Elsewhere, Butt-Head has now given up, finally realizing Beavis has died. Butt-Head returns with a shovel and starts dragging Beavis behind him by his leg.]

Butt-Head: This sucks! Well, we better bury you, Beavis. You're already starting to stink.

[Meanwhile, Beavis finally arrives in Heaven, where he meets St. Peter.]

Beavis: Whoa! What is this?

St. Peter: Welcome to Heaven, Beavis.

Beavis: Whoa! Hey, are you, like, Santa Claus?

St. Peter: I am St. Peter.

[Elsewhere, Butt-Head drags Beavis to the back of their yard, and starts digging a hole, while singing the guitar riff of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Meanwhile, Beavis is seen asking St. Peter questions about Heaven.]

Beavis: So, like, in Heaven, will all the chicks do what I want?

St. Peter: No.

Beavis: That sucks! Can I get x-ray vision? Can I get some nachos?

St. Peter: [Starts to become annoyed with Beavis.] No!

Beavis: Are you sure this is Heaven?

[Back at their home, Butt-Head continues to dig the hole, this time singing "The Funeral March" in a death metal like style. Back in Heaven, St. Peter pulls out a book about Beavis' life.]

St. Peter: This is your life, Beavis. This book contains everything you've ever done throughout your entire life, no matter how insignificant.

Beavis: Whoa, really? You mean, like, every time I ever took a dump, it's in that book?

St. Peter: Yes.

Beavis: How about that time I peed in the gym?

St. Peter: [Becomes rather disgusted about that.] Uh, Yes.

Beavis: Cool!

[We then find Butt-Head becoming exhausted from digging a somewhat small hole. Suddenly, Collette comes in the yard and starts sniffing Beavis' corpse.]

Butt-Head: Hey! Get away from there! [He swings the shovel at Collette who runs away.] Beavis is not dog food! He's worm food. [He laughs at that thought and continues to dig.]

[Back in Heaven, St. Peter has began to read off all the moments of Beavis' life.]

St. Peter: And then, when you were 4, you mutilated an action figure in a most disturbing manner.

Beavis: Oh yeah! That was cool!

St. Peter: No, that sucked. When you were 5, you and your friend, Butt-Head, passed out chocolate laxatives in your kindergarten class.

Beavis: Yeah! That was really cool!

St. Peter: No, Beavis. That also sucked.

Beavis: What do you know, ass-wipe?!

St. Peter: I know everything, butt-munch! [He continues to read off more of Beavis' life, and becomes disgusted with the next entry.] And then on the third day of the fourth month of your 12th year, you touched yourself in an impure manner.

Beavis: You saw that?!

St. Peter: We see EVERYTHING!

Beavis: No way! I had the covers over me!

[Meanwhile, Butt-Head has given up on digging the hole, and starts to drag Beavis into it.]

Butt-Head: [He laughs.] "Worm food". [He tries to shove Beavis' corpse in the hole, but it won't fit, so Butt-Head starts pushing it in with his foot.] Come and get it, worms!

[Back in Heaven, St. Peter is becoming rather tired of reading off Beavis' life to him.]

St. Peter: And then, later that afternoon, you touched yourself in an impure manner again, using a bottle of hand lotion.

Beavis: Hey, this is starting to suck! Do I get into Heaven or not?

St. Peter: No!

[Soon enough, Beavis is exiled out of Heaven and sent straight to Hell, much to Beavis' excitement. Meanwhile, Butt-Head has finally stopped digging, and prepares to bury Beavis.]

Butt-Head: Uhh, I guess I should, like, say something. Uhh, I am here today, not to bury Beavis, but to, uhh... [He laughs, deciding to end his eulogy early.] Later, dude!

[But just as Butt-Head begins to bury Beavis, we find out Beavis was dreaming this all along. Butt-Head then comes outside and dumps water on him.]

Butt-Head: Wake up, butt-wipe! We're gonna miss Iron Justice!

Beavis: Oww! Whoa! I had this weird dream. I met this St. Peter dude.

Butt-Head: Saint WHO??

Beavis: Peter!

[The two start laughing because of the name Beavis just said.]


  • We learned things from Beavis' life in this episode. At an unknown age and date, Beavis peed in the gymnasium of Highland High. When Beavis was 4, he disturbingly mutilated an action figure. At the age of 5 on October 1 (or 2), 1985, Beavis and Butt-head passed chocolate laxatives to their kindergarten class. Then on March 2, 1992, Beavis touched himself in an impure manner. Finally, Beavis touched himself in an impure manner with a bottle of hand lotion in the afternoon on March 2, 1992.
  • The Final Judgement was the first Beavis and Butt-head DVD by Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Two versions of this episode aired with subtle differences in animation. Early airings showed Beavis lying face up when knocked out and Butt-head looking down when kicking him. Later airings showed Beavis lying face down and Butt-head looking straight ahead. The home video release "The Final Judgement" features the second version.


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