Beavis and Butt-Head

Take a Lap is the 18th episode in Season 7 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 177th episode overall.


The duo is watching a commercial ad for Mega Bulk a food that will make you bulk in no time. So Beavis and Butt-head call but Butt-head hangs up because they wanted credit cards and checks. Then they decide to go to Stewart's House where they create their own Mega Bulk out of disgusting ingredients Stewart asks if he can join but Butt-head says he's too fat. After they try it Beavis spits it out and says this sucks but Butt-head says they have to if they want to score. Just then, Stewart's mom comes home in the driveway heard and the boys hurry out of the house before getting caught. Back at home the aggressive man Peter Small from the commercial is exercising while Beavis is dancing and Butt-head is just standing so they say this sucks so they decide to go jog. But they jog weirdly and stop after a few jogs. So they decide to head home then they fight over who's going to take a dump first not realizing they're exercising. Back at home again Butt-head is taking a dump and Beavis is watching TV. Butt-head comes out and a news reporter says that Peter Small, from the Mega Bulk commercial collapsed and died from stress brought on to the lower bunghole. After that, Butt-head says exercise sucks with Beavis agreeing as well implying they will never exercise again, and Butt-head says just sitting on the couch is cool.


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[We open to the duo watching an infomercial featuring aggressive bodybuilding guru, Peter Small, standing next to a female model.]

Peter Small: You want to know why you can't get yourself a woman? I'll tell you why! YOU'RE WEAK, FRAIL, AND YOUR PATHETIC BUTT IS SAGGING!!! But today is your lucky day, because with my new workout program, you too can get a body just like me! [He rips off his shirt, revealing his massive build.] MONSTER PECS, SIX-PACK, AND CHECK OUT THESE CHEEKS!!! [He points to his ass.]

Butt-Head: Cool!

Beavis: Yeah!

Peter Small: So, get up off your slimy duffs and start exercising! But exercise alone will not get you a body like mine, that's why you need to get on the phone, and order your 30-day supply of Mega Bulk, filled with fiber, bran, egg-whites, and an arsenal of protein packed vitamins! Mega Bulk will have you packing on muscle mass in no time! [Beavis and Butt-Head start laughing, thinking they can make their butts look cool now.] SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? PICK UP THE PHONE!!! COME ON!!! DO IT, DO IT NOW!!! [As he screams at the camera, the caption "555-BULK" flashes on the screen. Beavis and Butt-Head go get the phone to call.]

Butt-Head: Uhh, hello? We want cool butts! ...Uhh, no? ...Uhh... No. Yeah, well, you suck! [He quickly hangs up the phone.] That dude wanted, like, a whole bunch of checks and credit cards and stuff.

Beavis: Maybe there's some stuff over at Stewart's house we can use.

[We then cut to Stewart's house, where the duo is seen tearing through Stewart's kitchen, adding all sorts of disgusting items to their "Mega Bulk".]

Stewart: Hey, can I be strong like you guys?

Butt-Head: Uhh, no. You're, like, already too fat.

[Soon enough, the duo finish adding their "ingredients", mostly junk food, to the blender, then turn it on, which makes a huge sloppy mess.]

Butt-Head: Uhh, oops!

Beavis: That's ok, Stewart will clean it up.

Butt-Head: Yeah. [He then pours to "drinks" for them.] Here's to our butts!

Beavis: Yeah, and our weiners! [He then drinks his "Mega Bulk", but spits it out after tasting the rancid flavor.]

Butt-Head: Come on, dumbass! You want to score, don't you? [He chugs his, and Beavis eventually finishes his as well. They then hear Mrs. Stevenson pull in the drive-way.] Uhh, we, like, better get going, Beavis.

Beavis: Yeah! [They quickly get out of there before she walks through the front door.]

[We then cut back to their house, where they are seen watching Peter Small's exercise infomercial again, this time during one of his workout sessions.]

Peter Small: TOUCH YOUR TOES!!! NOW, UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! [He demonstrates the exercise, while Beavis and Butt-Head are not even able to properly do the exercise.] NOW, CIRCLES WITH YOUR HANDS!! [He performs an arm circle exercise very aggressively.] SMALL, SMALL, SMALL, CIRCLES WITH YOUR HANDS!!! CIRCLES WITH YOUR HANDS!!! SMALL!!! SMALL!!! SMALL!!! CIRCLES WITH YOUR HANDS, AND DON'T FORGET TO JOG!!! [Beavis and Butt-Head are now doing air guitar moves instead and become very tired.]

Butt-Head: This sucks! Let's, like, go exercise outside, or something!

Beavis: Yeah! WOO!!! [They both go outside to go for a jog.]

Butt-Head: Alright, ready? Go! [They start running, but after about 3 seconds of light jogging, they're already winded and stop completely.] Jogging sucks!

Beavis: Yeah, I'm not feeling too good.

Butt-Head: Yeah, really. I gotta take a dump from all that Mega Crap stuff we drank.

Beavis: Yeah. I gotta go bad! [He gets ahead of Butt-Head.] I'm going first!

Butt-Head: No way, butt-munch, I'm going first! [He punches Beavis and starts running.]

Beavis: [He punches Butt-Head and runs faster.] NO WAY, DAMMIT!

Butt-Head: [He chases after Beavis down the road.] DAMMIT, BEAVIS! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!

[Later, we find out Butt-Head beat Beavis home. The sound of explosive diarrhea can be heard from the bathroom, followed by the sound of the toilet flushing.]

Butt-Head: [He comes out of the bathroom.] Hey, how's it going?

[Suddenly, a news report comes on, featuring Peter Small once again.]

Beavis: Oh no, not this guy again!

Newscaster: Workout and body-shaping fitness guru, Peter Small, collapsed and died today during the taping of one of his infomercials. The coroner's officer has stated that the death was caused by heart failure due to extreme strain on the lower bunghole.

Butt-Head: Exercising sucks! Just sitting here is better.

Beavis: Yeah, really!


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