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"Humorous, quite humorous, yes."
— Smart Butt-Head finding something funny.

Smart Butt-Head is a version of Butt-Head from an alternate universe where he and Smart Beavis are the smartest versions of the pair in all reality. He first appears in Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe and continues to make additional appearances in the show starting with Season 9.

Like his mainstream counterpart, he is voiced by Mike Judge.


Smart Butt-Head appears much like his mainstream counterpart with an enlarged head, an overbite requiring braces, a big nose, and a tall frame with skinny limbs. His skin is much paler than his mainstream counterpart, he is completely bald, and his eyes are completely white with no visible irises.

He wears a white toga-like outfit with golden bracelets and a belt, as well as a turquoise cape with an enlarged collar.


This version of Butt-Head is said to be the smartest version of the character in all reality. The character, along with Smart Beavis, is shown to have extensive knowledge of the multiverse and speaks much more eloquently than any other version of the character. He is capable of traveling between universes and even between timelines, and is capable of moving open time portals to new locations "at great personal cost". Smart Butt-Head doesn't seem to have the abrasive and aggressive personality that his mainstream counterpart has.

Despite this, it is implied that despite all of their vast knowledge, both him and Smart Beavis are still considered the dumbest characters in their own universe as shown by several idiotic actions taken by the pair. The two told Beavis and Butt-Head to reach the top of Mt. Everest to close the time portal, only to realize later that the length of time needed to get there was too long (even though their counterparts had no interest or even knowledge of what they were asked to do). They did realize their mistake and relocated the portal to more convenient locations, but didn't stick around to ensure that their counterparts went to the portals which threw off their plans. The two also failed to realize that their mainstream counterparts were not required to go through the portal to close it (anyone or anything going through would've closed it), and essentially wasted a lot of time and effort for their ignorance. They even seem to mess up using their own technology as when preparing to travel through a portal with their ship, they entered the wrong coordinates multiple times and ended up damaging their ship when they finally managed to travel through it.

More recently, him and Smart Beavis have become fascinated with Old Beavis and Old Butt-Head, and have taken to spying on their lives. Despite his idiocy, Smart Butt-Head seems to think that people of Earth are less intelligent than him, and are unable to comprehend things he shows to the viewer, which is most commonly seen presenting an episode about Old Beavis and Old Butt-Head.



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