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This article features episode summaries from the seventh season of Beavis and Butt-head, the final season of the original 1990s series.

In this season, the words "Created by Mike Judge" were added to the intro.

The format of the show changed to three episodes per half hour and only one music video per episode. The videos were all recycled from previous seasons, and no longer fixed to episodes, but instead would vary in repeat airings (the episode pages of this wiki will only list the video that they premiered with)

Italian airings got different music videos at the end.

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Screenshot Title Original airdate Season Number #
ButtButtHikeTitle Butt, Butt, Hike January 26, 1997 1 160
The duo are outside, fighting over the remote control, when they are invited to join a football game. The duo have no idea how to play, and Butt-Head is quickly injured. Beavis kicks two players, then takes the ball and runs with it way beyond the playing field.
VayaConCornholioTitle Vaya Con Cornholio January 26, 1997 2 161
Beavis turns into Cornholio due to drinking a large amount of Burger World's new caffeine-laden drink "Volt Cola" (a parody of Jolt Cola). A man from the immigration department arrives and mistakes him for an illegal immigrant and Beavis is deported to Mexico.
EvolutionSucksTitle Evolution Sucks January 31, 1997 3 162
During a lesson by Van Driessen about evolution, Beavis and Butt-Head dream of being cavemen. In the dream, they hit each other with clubs.
DingDongDitchTitle Ding-Dong-Ditch January 31, 1997 4 163
Beavis and Butt-Head have trouble getting Ding Dong Ditch down correctly.
JustForGirlsTitle Just for Girls January 31, 1997 5 164
Beavis and Butt-Head go to Mrs. Dickey's girls-only sex education class. They are initially told to leave, but Van Driessen convinces her to let them stay. The class watch a short film about a 16-year-old girl, Cathy, who is impregnated by her boyfriend. The duo are disgusted at seeing Cathy give birth—and leave the room.
AVerySpecialEpisode A Very Special Episode February 7, 1997 6 165
In this very special episode, Beavis and Butt-Head are walking along the street when an injured baby bird falls in front of them. Mr. Stevenson takes them to a vet, who tells the duo that it cannot survive. At home, Beavis takes some live worms out of his pants pocket, chews them and feeds them to the bird. Butt-Head launches it into the air; it flies for a few seconds, then falls to the ground.
DumbassesAnonymous Dumbasses Anonymous February 7, 1997 7 166
Buzzcut introduces an alcoholic to the class to convince them to stay sober. Beavis and Butt-Head go to the Rolling Hills Treatment Center, the clinic that he spends a lot of time at. There, the duo attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The duo think they can get beer there. They suggest getting a drink, and the group's members go to a bar. They get drunk—except for the duo, who are refused service by the barman due to being underage.
UnderwearTitle Underwear February 14, 1997 8 167
Beavis and Butt-Head visit a new lingerie store in the mall. After standing outside the store for hours, they enter. They feel up the merchandise in the belief that doing so is like feeling up the customers who will be wearing the items.
HeadLiceTitle Head Lice February 14, 1997 9 168
Beavis and Butt-Head are scratching their heads in class. Buzzcut tells them that they have head lice, and sends them to the school nurse, who finds them in their hair. Instead of following the nurse's advice, the duo break open a bug zapper and touch the element in order to kill the lice—electrocuting themselves in the process. Beavis also has pubic lice, so he puts his genitals into the zapper, electrocuting himself again.
CyberButtTitle Cyber-Butt February 21, 1997 10 169
Beavis and Butt-Head talk Stewart into helping them look up pornography on the school computer. A librarian sees the three looking at porn and the three are sent to McVicker, who gives them each detention for the rest of the year and bans them from using the computer.
NoseBleedTitle Nose Bleed February 21, 1997 11 170
Butt-Head punches Beavis, causing him a severe nosebleed. Butt-Head makes several useless attempts to help him, before plugging Beavis' nose with a tampon in each nostril.
CitizensArrestTitle Citizens Arrest February 28, 1997 12 171
Beavis and Butt-Head are working at Burger World, when a man who says he has a gun tries to rob it. A police officer walks in and congratulates the duo on making a citizen's arrest. The duo then think that they can then tell people what to do.
PiercedTitle Pierced February 28, 1997 13 172
After being beaten up outside school by an older student who is wearing a skull earring in his left ear, Beavis and Butt-Head decide to get their ears pierced. They want to have them pierced at Pencer Gifts, but are refused piercings by the girl behind the counter due to not having their parents' permission. They pierce their right ears themselves at home. They go back to Pencer Gifts later the same day, but decide not to have earrings after the same member of staff informs them that a ring in the right ear only indicates homosexuality.
AGreatDay A Great Day March 7, 1997 14 173
Beavis and Butt-Head have a great day when they find out school is closed because it is a public holiday. They then find porn magazines in a dumpster, see crashes between two cars and a truck and see two dogs having sex. The duo are paid $21 by a strange man to not mention evidence of a murder he has recently committed. The duo buy nachos and a soda at Maxi-Mart, outside which Todd drives past and takes the rest of their money, then crashes into another car and repeatedly punches the driver.
OnStrikeTitle On Strike March 7, 1997 15 174
The duo watch a TV news report about baseball players on strike, so they refuse to work during their shift at Burger World. A journalist speaks to them outside, then Beavis and Butt-Head's manager ends their strike after an hour when he calls them in and makes them clean the tables.
FollowMeTitle Follow Me March 14, 1997 16 175
While watching TV, Beavis decides to mimic Butt-Head. He continues to do so as they walk down the street and punch each other, then are each hit by vehicles while walking into the road. They see Todd kissing his girlfriend in his car while it is parked in front of Maxi Mart and tell him that Beavis wants his chick. The duo are beaten up by Todd, who then drives away.
NothingHappeningTitle Nothing Happening March 14, 1997 17 176
After the TV goes out due to a damaged wire outside the house, Beavis and Butt-Head fall asleep on the couch. A plane crashes into their school, police chase a fugitive and shoot him; Stewart causes an explosion in his house using his chemistry set and the ambulance picking him up crashes into the P.A.T. van. Repairmen fix the wire and the duo wake up and see a news report about the events.
TakeALapTitle Take a Lap March 28, 1997 18 177
After seeing an infomercial by muscular workout guru Peter Small, Beavis and Butt-Head attempt to get fit. However, they find it difficult and soon give up. The duo see a news report stating that Peter collapsed while filming another infomercial and died of heart failure.
ShortcutsTitle Shortcuts March 28, 1997 19 178
Beavis and Butt-Head miss the school bus home and get lost trying to walk home via what Butt-Head says will be a shortcut. They walk to the other side of town before being given a lift back to Highland High in the back of a pickup truck. The next day, they stay on the bus until the end of the route and Butt-Head claims to know a shortcut.
BrideOfButt-headTitle Bride of Butt-Head July 18, 1997 20 179
After seeing a magazine advertisement, Butt-Head phones a company that provides Russian mail-order brides. A Russian woman, Katya, who is already in Texas and has recently left the man whom the company set her up with, is sent to Butt-Head. She is disappointed with him and he is disappointed that she will not allow him to touch her. Katya gets into Todd's car, where she has sex with him.
SpecialDeliveryTitle Special Delivery July 18, 1997 21 180
Burger World attempts to launch a delivery service, but Beavis and Butt-Head make their first delivery to the wrong address. The manager ends the delivery service on its first night.
WoodshopTitle Woodshop July 25, 1997 22 181
The duo use a table saw in wood shop at school to cut the teacher's possessions in two, and Beavis uses it to cut his right index finger off. After it is reattached, he breaks it off again by using it to pick his nose.
TVViolenceTitle T.V. Violence July 25, 1997 23 182
When the Stevensons have a new satellite dish installed, the duo attempt to watch several violent programs with Stewart. His mother prevents them from doing so and insists that they only watch children's television series.
CannedTitle Canned August 1, 1997 24 183
While the duo are standing on a highway's central reservation, Beavis sees an unopened can of root beer at the edge of the highway. He crosses it to pick up the can, causing several vehicles to crash. They shake the can many times, then tie it to Beavis' bicycle. He rides with it with Butt-Head riding alongside, until the can becomes caught in Butt-Head's front wheel, causing them to crash to the ground outside Maxi-Mart. Todd runs over their bikes, then puts the duo and the can in the trunk of his car. Todd and his accomplice hold the duo upside down and shake them, then Todd drives off with his acquaintance. Butt-Head opens the can—which fizzes slightly—then Beavis drinks from it.
GarageBandTitle Garage Band August 1, 1997 25 184
After watching a rock star on being interviewed on television, the duo attempt to start a band. He says that he started by playing in someone's garage, so the duo try to play in Van Driessen's garage. Beavis plays Van Driessen's guitar, then smashes it into pieces. The duo go to a venue that needs a band, claiming that they are a band called Metallica. The duo argue and go home. The audience are angry at Metallica not arriving.
ImpotenceTitle Impotence August 8, 1997 26 185
Beavis and Butt-Head watch a TV ad for Leibowitz Impotence Clinic. They wrongly believe that being impotent means being unable to get sex, and go there thinking that they will receive advice about how to score. Dr Leibowitz is puzzled because the duo are easily aroused. The nurse refuses to examine them because they have erections. Leibowitz prescribes them saltpeter.
MiracleThatIsBeavisTitle The Miracle That is Beavis August 8, 1997 27 186
The duo watch a self-help guru on TV advertise his appearance at a bookshop that night. Beavis goes there, meets him and is inspired to be more assertive.
ShoppingCartTitle Shopping Cart August 15, 1997 28 187
Butt-Head is in a shopping cart being pushed through a parking lot by Beavis. A car backs into Butt-Head and the driver bribes him $10 to not tell anyone about the accident. The duo reason that they can make more money the same way, so Butt-Head pushes Beavis in the cart behind another car. However, the driver backs into him, then drives off. Beavis pushes Butt-Head in the cart behind a van, which reverses into Beavis and drives off. The duo sit in the cart behind Tom Anderson's motorhome. He backs into it and it attaches to the cart. The cart is flung off as they go around a bend and the cart crashes into a tree.
InventorsTitle Inventors August 15, 1997 29 188
The duo watch a TV ad inviting ideas for new inventions. Butt-Head bends a wire hanger and they unsuccessfully try to sell it door-to-door as a new invention, the Buttscratcher 2000.
DieFlyDieTitle Die Fly, Die! August 22, 1997 30 189
The duo are annoyed by a fly in the lounge, so they try to kill it using a hammer, spade, hedge trimmer and baseball bat, causing a great deal of damage to the wall, toilet and couch. Butt-Head brings a full can of garbage into the room and tips it over to attract the fly to it so that they can kill it with fly spray. Butt-Head sprays so much that they are both knocked out. When they regain consciousness, Beavis throws the spray can, breaking the window. A swarm of flies enters through the hole.
DrinkingButtiesTitle Drinking Butt-ies August 22, 1997 31 190
Todd beats up the duo outside Maxi-Mart. He drives off to a party; the duo follow him on their bikes. They wait outside the house for six hours until a drunken Todd comes outside and talks nonsense while sitting with them on the house's front steps. All three fall asleep there. When Todd wakes, he threatens them, then drives off.
WorkIsDeathTitle Work is Death November 4, 1997 32 191
The duo find out from their manager at Burger World about the existence of workers' compensation. In an attempt to become eligible to claim, Butt-Head hits Beavis several times. When their boss tells them that does not make them eligible, Butt-Head tries to injure Beavis in ways that appear to be accidental and work-related. They fail, but unintentionally cause their boss to have an accident in the kitchen.
BreakdownTitle Breakdown November 4, 1997 33 192
McVicker is admitted to a mental hospital after being driven insane by the duo vandalizing the teachers' lounge. Van Driessen, Beavis and Butt-Head visit him together, during which time McVicker tries to strangle Beavis.
GraduationDayTitle Graduation Day November 18, 1997 34 193
Van Driessen attempts to help his class gain self-esteem by holding a mock graduation, but Beavis and Butt-Head think that it is real. After the 'ceremony', the duo walk out of class and go to Maxi-Mart, where they sit outside and eat nachos from their mortar boards.
The Future of Beavis and Butt-head Title Card The Future of Beavis and Butt-Head November 18, 1997 35 194
The two visit a career counselor and consider different career paths. For Butt-Head: porn video store owner and TV commercial spokesman promoting beer. For Beavis: wrecking ball operator (Beavis imagines himself wrecking the school with Principal McVicker trying to stop him) and military commanding officer.
SpeechTherapyTitle Speech Therapy November 18, 1997 36 195
McVicker is horrified when the duo walk into his office, having returned after their two-week suspension. The boys are supposed to be in Van Driessen's class, but he has taken his class to the botanical garden. McVicker sends them to a speech therapy class, where they misinterpret sentences that the teacher tells them to repeat.
LeaveItToBeavisTitle Leave It to Beavis November 25, 1997 37 196
A Leave It to Beaver parody in which Beavis portrays The Beaver (as "The Beavis"), Butt-Head is a crude Ward, Mrs. Stevenson is an oblivious June, and Todd is a sociopathic Eddie. On his way to school, Beavis reluctantly gets into Eddie's car and is pressured by Eddie to buy him cigarettes. Beavis is unable to, due to being underage. Eddie beats him up and takes him home.
ButtFlambeTitle Butt Flambe November 25, 1997 38 197
The duo walk into hospital. Beavis' rear end is severely burned to partial cremation, which he is treated for. Butt-Head goes into the supply closet where he puts on clothes, then masquerades as a doctor.
S07E39 - Our Founding Losers Title Card Our Founding Losers November 25, 1997 39 198
The duo are put in detention by Coach Buzzcut, who orders them to write about the Founding Fathers of the United States. Instead, they fall asleep and dream about themselves as American history's famous figures.
BnBDoThanksgivingTitle Beavis and Butt-Head Do Thanksgiving November 27, 1997 40 199
Extended episode, presented by Kurt Loder. The boys celebrate the season of giving with live action guest stars.
Beavis and Butt-Head are Dead Beavis and Butt-Head Are Dead November 28, 1997 41 200
When Highland High's secretary calls Beavis and Butt-Head's home to see why the boys are not in school, Beavis falsely claims that he and Butt-Head are dead. Principal McVicker is pleasantly surprised and even stops his typical nervous shaking. Mr. Van Driessen remembers several instances in which the duo caused major problems for him, but mourns them and tries to get the class to remember something good about the obnoxious duo. Daria echoes most of the class's sentiments by saying "it's not like they had bright futures ahead of them". The school faculty mostly agree (except Van Driessen) that although they never liked Beavis and Butt-Head, they should exploit their apparent deaths to make their trouble worthwhile. Beavis and Butt-Head see news that someone died at school, and decide to show up. As Principal McVicker is on camera, holding a jar full of the memorial charity's change saying he would (hypothetically) trade it to have Beavis and Butt-Head back, the duo greet him to his shock and end up in possession of the jar. Beavis and Butt-Head walk off into the sunset, believing that they are rich and have no need to attend school anymore.

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