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This article features episode summaries from the fifth season of Beavis and Butt-head.

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Screenshot Title Original airdate Season Number #
HeldBack.png Held Back October 31, 1994 1 95
Due to their stupidity, Beavis and Butt-Head are progressively demoted from their original class down to kindergarten, where they wreak havoc. The principal there gets rid of them by promoting them back to their original class, by falsely claiming that they are the brightest students that they've ever had.
KillingTime.png Killing Time October 31, 1994 2 96
The duo try to find things to do when there is nothing they want to watch on TV.
BeardBoys.png Beard Boys November 1, 1994 3 97
Beavis and Butt-Head want beards so that chicks will find them manly and cool. They cut hair from their heads, and super-glue it to their faces. They hit on girls at the mall, who reject them.
ChokeTitle.png Choke November 2, 1994 4 98
While the duo are watching TV, Butt-Head begins to choke on a piece of chicken. They phone 9-1-1; the woman on the phone advises Beavis to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Butt-Head. Beavis does not know what it is, so he goes to Burger World to try to find a sign which gives instructions to it - while Butt-Head collapses onto the floor. Beavis brings back an irrelevant sign from Burger World. Beavis inadvertently saves Butt-Head's life when he treads on him, expelling the chicken from Butt-Head's trachea. As Butt-Head recovers, Beavis picks up the piece of chicken, and chokes on it.
SafeHouse.png Safe House November 3, 1994 5 99
While Beavis and Butt-Head are sitting on their couch, Todd kicks the door in. He uses the house as a hideout, telling the duo that he does not want anyone to know where he is. Three young men knock at the door looking for Todd. The duo falsely claim to be in his gang, and are beaten up by the trio. Two policemen knock on the door looking for Todd. They claim he is not there, then threaten the police with violence. They arrest the duo, who are put in a cell with the trio from earlier, who beat them up again.
HardSell.png Hard Sell November 4, 1994 6 100
The duo start jobs as telemarketers at a call center. Beavis phones a sex chat line from work, after which the duo are fired.
Walkathon.png Walkathon December 10, 1994 7 101
For a 10-mile charity walkathon, the duo unwittingly pledge $10 each per mile to Daria. She pledges them a nickel between them per mile. After they finish, they are asked for the $100 that they owe. They do not have it, so are told to 'walk it off' at a rate of 5c per mile.
Screenshot 2018-10-18 at 8.28.15 PM.png Temporary Insanity December 10, 1994 8 102
The duo get off the school bus part-way through their journey to school, after Butt-Head falsely claims to the driver that they have an emergency. They walk into a real estate office and are wrongly assumed to be temps. Butt-Head photocopies his buttocks and Beavis types in a manic and random way. The two actual temps arrive, and Beavis and Butt-Head tell them to take a seat. The computer that Beavis is using overheats and he throws water over it. Beavis and Butt-Head are told to come back to work tomorrow.
DudeAReward.png Dude, a Reward December 10, 1994 9 103
Beavis finds cameras in bag in a bush. He and Butt-Head take several close-up pictures of themselves, before Beavis repeatedly smashes one of them into the ground. Butt-Head finds a card in the bag which gives the name and address of the photographer who is the owner. They go to his studio to receive a reward. The photographs that the duo took are exhibited.
WalkingErect.png Walking Erect December 13, 1994 10 104
Beavis and Butt-Head go to the zoo. They find the guide boring, so they go to the snake house. They spark a panic that a snake has escaped. The lights go out and they wake up with their hands around each other's penises, each wrongly having believed that they were holding a thin snake.
CareerDayTitle.png Career Day December 16, 1994 11 105
The duo do a day's work experience as security guards at the mall. They are led by the mall's security guard, who wants to do a full cavity searchon a young woman.
PlasticSurgin.png Plastic Surgin' December 19, 1994 12 106
The duo watch a television advertisement for breast enlargement. They decide to go to a plastic surgeon to have their penises enlarged. When they are there, a misunderstanding means that they have their noses enlarged instead.
TakeANumberTitle.png Take a Number December 22, 1994 13 107
The duo go to a rock concert. Outside, they meet two girls who are like female versions of them, but the girls reject them for not having tickets. They meet a scalper, but cannot afford the tickets. They stand in line for the portable toilet, but because it is very long, they urinate behind a dumpster, for which they are reprimanded by a security guard. When they finally reach the toilet, Beavis goes in it and Butt-Head tips it onto its side.
BeaverlyButtbillies.png Beaverly Buttbillies December 26, 1994 14 108
The duo decide to dig for oil in their yard, but instead break a sewerage pipe, causing blackwaterto gush out of the pipe onto them and the garden. Wrongly assuming it to be oil, they fill their trash can with human waste and try to sell it to Mr. Anderson. He tells them to get the barrel of crap the hell out of here; he slams his front door, tipping the waste onto his front path. Two workmen from the waste department arrive in a van and tell Beavis and Butt-Head that they have fixed the leak, before driving off.
TaintedMeatTitle.png Tainted Meat December 29, 1994 15 109
While the duo are at Burger World, Beavis' genitals itch a lot, so he scratches them, then cooks a burger. This causes a food poisoning outbreak, which hospitalizes 15 of the restaurant's customers. The restaurant is closed down and the duo are fired. When it re-opens, they are re-hired; a notice mandates that employees must wash their hands before handling meat.
StewartMovesAway.png Stewart Moves Away January 5, 1995 16 110
The duo enter Stewart's house by opening a window and climbing in. They find the house empty, and watch TV. Two burglars break the door down and claim to be moving men. The burglars steal some things and deliberately break some other things, before leaving in a van. Beavis and Butt-Head deliberately cause a great deal of damage to the house and its contents. Stewart and his parents arrive home, horrified at some of their possessions having been stolen and many other things badly damaged.
TopOTheMountain.png Top O' The Mountain January 19, 1995 17 111
The duo go to a hair salon in order to have haircuts so that they can get physically close to an attractive hairdresser's breasts. They are unaware that she is Todd's girlfriend. She washes their hair, then Todd arrives. He gives Beavis and Butt-Head very bad haircuts, cutting off the vast majority of their hair.
Party.png Party January 29, 1995 18 112
Beavis and Butt-Head watch a TV report on a parties, so they attempt to throw a party as a way to get chicks. However, no girls turn up. Stewart and his two nerdy friends from a youth group arrive and talk amongst themselves about MacGyver and Knight Rider. Todd and a member of his gang arrive and throw all the boys out, in order to have their own party there. Todd's party cause a lot of damage to the house.
WetBehindTheRears.png Wet Behind the Rears January 29, 1995 19 113
During physical education, the duo are sitting on the sports field. A javelin impales Beavis' right hand to the ground. They try to avoid showering with the rest of the class, but Buzzcut demands that they do. They are undressing when McVicker sets the fire alarm off. Instead of showering, they are embarrassingly forced by Buzzcut to exit the school in just their underwear. All the other students are already outside, fully clothed. They, as well as Buzzcut and McVicker, laugh at Beavis and Butt-Head.
BadDog.png Bad Dog February 9, 1995 20 114
The duo watch a television advertisement encouraging people to adopt a dog from a shelter. They decide to, so they go to a dog shelter. They select the most violent, out-of-control dog, who especially hates Beavis. On their way home, Beavis throws a stick for the dog. The dog runs past the stick and does not return.
LightningStrikes.png Lightning Strikes February 16, 1995 21 115
Beavis and Butt-Head watch an episode of a television documentary called Great American Minds, which is about Benjamin Franklin. They see Franklin fly a kite with a key attached to it during a storm, so they do likewise. Their kite soon becomes stuck in a tree. The tree is struck by lightning, and falls on them. It is then struck again. The duo are admitted to the emergency department of a hospital. A representative of a media watchdog visits them in hospital, where she asks Butt-Head what he was watching on TV. She is interviewed on TV, where she says that the duo were watching rock music videos, and implies that was what encouraged them to fly the kite in a storm.
DreamOn.png Dream On February 23, 1995 22 116
Beavis and Butt-Head fall asleep on the couch while The Today Show is on. The duo dream that they are on various TV shows.
CandySale.png Candy Sale April 8, 1995 23 117
"Mr. Manners" returns to Highland High. He hands the students 100 candy bars each to sell door-to-door for $2 each. Buzzcut tells the class that they are competing against other classes. Beavis and Butt-Head together sell one each to Mr. Anderson for half-price. The duo then sell the rest to each other and eat them. Mr. Candy is angry with the duo for only having $2 in exchange for all their candy bars, and grabs them. Buzzcut comes in and the two men physically fight.
AnimationSucks.png Animation Sucks April 8, 1995 24 118
When Van Driessen challenges his class to make animated films. One student creates a scene of a flower growing, blooming, then dying - which she is very pleased with. Beavis and Butt-Head draw 500 drawings of dead people, which create a scene in which two characters resembling themselves are repeatedly stabbed with tridents. One character is grabbed by a dog and the other has a plane crash into him. Van Driessen is pleased with both short films.
WhatsTheDeal.png What's the Deal? June 5, 1995 25 119
Tom Anderson employs the duo to do some work in his garden, which they are doing badly. He thinks that he can win money from them by having them join a poker game which he going to play with two other men. Beavis and Butt-Head do not know how to play the game, yet they win by luck alone. Anderson gives them plastic chips in exchange for the money that they won, which the duo think is a good deal.
TheHistoryOfWomen.png The History of Women June 5, 1995 26 120
Van Driessen tells his class to each write an essay on the woman whom they admire most, for Women's History Month. Cassandra chooses k.d. lang. Beavis and Butt-Head initially both choose Beavis' mother. Van Driessen rejects that their weak efforts, so the duo go to the school library. The librarian recommends books about various women - as they try to look up her skirt while she is on a stepladder. They tell Van Driessen that she is the woman whom they admire most. He is disappointed with the again, and makes them return books to the library's shelves. While there, they put books in the wrong places, then look up the skirt of the same librarian.
To the Rescue Title Card.png To the Rescue June 6, 1995 27 121
Beavis and Butt-Head are sitting in a field, when a light aircraft crashes nearby. They go to the nearby road and stop a car, whose driver calls the police and an ambulance. The pilot is airlifted to hospital, where he makes a full recovery. The story is re-enacted in Rescue 911.
IDreamOfBeavis.png I Dream of Beavis June 7, 1995 28 122
The duo watch I Dream of Jeannie, then rummage through a dumpster. Beavis finds a bottle containing a dead mouse, expecting it will grant him wishes. He brings it to school, where the classroom is evacuated because of its smell. Due to none of his wishes being answered, and the smell it, Beavis leaves the bottle in the school cafeteria.
PregnantPause.png Pregnant Pause June 8, 1995 29 123
Beavis fears that he is pregnant, due to having some of the symptoms and not realising that males cannot be impregnated. He uses a pregnancy test, and believes that it turning yellow when he urinates on it indicates a positive result. After defecating, he realizes that he is not pregnant.
HereComesTheBridesButt.png Here Comes the Bride's Butt June 9, 1995 30 124
The duo attend a local church wedding, uninvited, in the belief that the attendees get to make outwith the bride. Butt-Head objects to the wedding on the grounds that the groom is a dork. The duo try to kiss the bride, and are ejected by the ushers. Outside the church, Butt-Head says that being married would suck, due to spending your life with the same person.
ScreamersTitle.png Screamers July 10, 1995 31 125
Beavis and Butt-Head watch a horror film featuring screaming, the duo scream in the street, then knock on Tom Anderson's door and scream at him when he answers. When they scream at a policeman in the street, he grabs them and screams at them. The duo go home and phone Stewart and scream at him. They then phone the police and scream at them.
BeavisCanYouSpareADime.png Beavis, Can You Spare a Dime? July 10, 1995 32 126
Beavis and Butt-Head encounter a beggar in the street, and attempt to become beggars themselves. A policeman move the duo along and they beg with the beggar. They are much more successful as a trio. After a passer-by wrongly assumes that they are his sons, he pretends that they are.
SkinTradeTitle.png Skin Trade July 11, 1995 33 127
The duo are at a landfill site, where Beavis picks up a rotting animal carcass. He wants them to keep it as a pet, but Butt-Head points out that he cannot do so because it is dead. Butt-Head thinks it a good idea to attempt to sell the animal for its clothing. The shops they attempt to sell it to refuse to buy it. They fail in their attempt to pick up two girls while Beavis has the carcass on his head.
OilChange.png Oil Change July 12, 1995 34 128
The manager at Burger World tells Beavis and Butt-Head that customers have complained about their fries. He looks at the fryer, which is badly polluted and contains a grasshopper and a Band-Aid. He orders the duo to change the oil. They buy motor oil from an automobile repair shop on credit- and use that as the replacement oil.
Buttniks.png Buttniks July 13, 1995 35 129
The duo visit a beatnik poetry night at a café. Butt-Head's poetry is not popular, and his performance is cut short. After drinking cappuccinos, Beavis' alter ego Cornholio resurfaces and he takes to the stage with manic ramblings which are well received.
BangTheDrumSlowlyDumbass.png Bang the Drum Slowly, Dumbass August 7, 1995 36 130
Beavis and Butt-Head are walking through the woods, when they encounter a men's group headed by Mr. Van Driessen. They are a four men who are on a monthly drum-banging se They invite the duo to join them, which they do. Beavis bangs the drum while manically expressing his frustrationat being always rejected by girls. The group at first respond well to him, but when Beavis says that he wants to bulldoze the school, Van Driessen's three followers leave, which Van Driessen is disappointed with. At school the next day, Van Driessen asks Butt-Head asks where Beavis is. Beavis is still in the woods, talking and banging the drum.
AnotherFridayNight.png Another Friday Night 7 August 1995 37 131
The duo go to Maxi-Mart, where the store owner complains to them that they come there every Friday night, stand there for six hours, scare off his customers and only ever buy a soda. He goes into the back room to get dimes for the cash register. Butt-Head decides to serve two girls who are at the counter. From the back room, the owner sees Butt-Head at the register, and phones the police, telling that he is being robbed and assumes that they are armed. The police arrive outside and a standoff ensues. The police ask Butt-Head what his demands are, and he asks for food. The owner tells Beavis and Butt-Head that he has a gun and will use it on them if they come there again, then pushes them outside. The police search them for weapons and do not find any. The duo tell them about the owner's threat. The police enter, arrest the owner and beat him.
Tired.png Tired August 8, 1995 38 132
The duo find a truck tire at a filling station. They push it up a steep hill, Beavis climbs in it, and Butt-Head pushes it down with Beavis in it. It crosses a busy highway, causing Todd to spill beer on his jeans while driving and other cars to crash into each other. It then crosses a field, where it flattens Van Driessen and his camera. It bounces on a car which is on bricks, dislodging it and crushing the person under the car. The tire then hits a lever next to railroad tracks, causing a train to derail. The tire is stopped due to colliding with the back of a minivan in a parking lot. Beavis then climbs out of it. He is joined by Butt-Head, then confronted by Todd, who beats Beavis up.
CloseEncounters.png Close Encounters August 9, 1995 39 133
McVicker tries an unorthodox approach to discipline Beavis and Butt-Head, sending them to a sensitivity encounter group therapy session. The leader tells them that he will get them in touch with his feelings. He gives Beavis a bat and pillow and tells him to pretend the pillow is Butt-Head and let his anger flow. Beavis repeatedly beats the pillow, breaking it open while screaming die! The duo go back to McVicar's office, where they tell him they are going to express their feelings. The duo then use McVicar's plant as a toilet.
Womyn.png Womyn August 10, 1995 40 134
On her last day teaching them, a feminist teaching assistant expresses her anger at how sexist Beavis and Butt-Head's class is. She invites the female students to go to a local meeting of a feminist group, where they will discuss their plans to picketthe movie theater because it shows films featuring actresses who have breast augmentation. The duo decide to go to the meeting, thinking that they can score with some of the attendees. The group are hostile to them, and beat them up.
PrematureEvacuation.png Premature Evacuation September 11, 1995 41 135
A phone call is made to the school by a man claiming that a bomb was placed in the school cafeteria the previous night. All of Highland High's staff and students are told by McVicker over the school's public address system to evacuate the school. Beavis and Butt-Head stay at school and go to the cafeteria to search for the bomb. Beavis finds a cooking timer, and wrongly assumes that it is a bomb. He and Beavis fight over it, until a man from the bomb squad tells them what it is. No bomb is found.
Whiplash.png Whiplash September 11, 1995 42 136
The duo watch a television advertisement in which an attorney, Joe Adler, encourages people to claim compensation for their injuries. In an attempt to win compensation for a staged injury, Butt-Head obstructs the road by sitting in the road on his bicycle while Beavis is a passenger on the school bus. The bus driver brakes suddenly; the bus crashes into Butt-Head and causes Beavis to be thrown to the front of the bus. The duo go to Adler's office to ask him to get them compensation. Adler tells the duo that they are going to sue the school system, the city, the state and the driver. The police arrest Adler for 257 counts of fraud. One officer grabs and interrogatesthe duo.
SpareMe.png Spare Me September 12, 1995 43 137
Two attractive girls whose car has a flat tire ask the duo to change the wheel for the one in their trunk, saying that they will take them for a ride. Daria is walking past and helps them do so. The boys think that they will score with the girls, but they drive off without them. The duo encounter the same girls and car further up the road, their engine having overheated. The girls again ask them to fix the car, using the same ruse.
Patsies.png Patsies September 13, 1995 44 138
During detention with Buzzcut, he orders the duo to join Mr. Graham and his group "Positive-Acting Teens". PAT take the duo to do community servicetogether, picking up litter by the side of the road. The duo throw a hubcap to each other across the road. It hits a passing truck and rebounds against Mr. Graham's head. Butt-Head steals his wallet.
MurderSite.png Murder Site September 14, 1995 45 139
The duo are watching Baywatch, when the show is interrupted by a news bulletin about a fratricide in a nearby apartment. They walk to the scene of the murder, past a police officer and through the police tape. In the room where the murder occurred, Butt-Head repeatedly calls him "buttknocker", and they fight. The police enter the room and arrest Beavis. At the police station, Butt-Head refuses to fill in a form about Beavis threatening to kill him, which would be needed to press charges. The police therefore release Beavis.
SpanishFly.png Spanish Fly October 5, 1995 46 140
The duo are at a gas station, where Beavis blows air from the air hose up an attractive young woman's dress and is disappointed that it did not lead to him having sex with her. Butt-Head buys Spanish fly from the station's restroom and they try to use it to score with girls in the school cafeteria. Beavis distracts a girl while Butt-Head puts Spanish fly in her taco. She does not notice, but loses her appetite and throws the taco in the garbage can. The duo try the same trick with a milk carton which is next to another girl. They are disappointed when she tells them that it is not hers. It belongs to a tall muscular boy, Tommy, who drinks it. When Tommy gets an erection while wrestling Beavis in the school gym, Beavis kicks him in the groin and leaves the gym.
SexualHarassment.png Sexual Harassment October 9, 1995 47 141
Beavis and Butt-Head's class are taught about sexual harassment by Van Driessen. The duo claim that a female classmate, Kimberly, is sexually harassing them by giving them erections. They hire Joe Adler to sue her. He tries to also sue her parents, Van Driessen and the school system, for sexual harassment. The judge stops the case and throws it out for being ridiculous.
BusTrip.png Bus Trip October 10, 1995 48 142
Mr. Van Driessen leads the duo on a field trip in a school bus. Van Driessen moves them to the front of the bus after they moon against the window. When the driver brakes suddenly while on a winding mountain road, Van Driessen is thrown through the windshield and down a steep cliff. He is airlifted on a stretcher by helicopter.
GreenThumbs.png Green Thumbs October 11, 1995 49 143
Beavis and Butt-Head make counterfeit moneyusing a photocopier. They try to use it to pay for food in Maxi Mart. The man behind the counter can see that it is fake, so he rips it up and ejects the duo.
Steamroller.png Steamroller October 12, 1995 50 144
Tom Anderson rents a steamroller, which he leaves running while unattended. Beavis and Butt-Head take a destructive ride on it along a street and into school.

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