Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis and Butt-head features a lot of recurring gags and elements. Some of them have been present since the beginning, some have appeared since the 2011 revival (Season 8), and some only appeared in the earliest episodes.

Running Gags[]

  • Buttknocker: A running gag with Beavis is that he completely abbhors the word "buttknocker". Butt-Head has more than once called Beavis "buttknocker" in order to provoke him, but was viciously assaulted when he took things too far. Beavis also seems to dislike other people getting called "buttknocker" as he scolded Butt-head for calling a musician in a video a "buttknocker". Despite hating this word, Beavis has used it himself on a few occasions, suggesting he hates himself being called it if anything.
  • Beavis' mother: Beavis' mother (Shirley Beavis) is a frequent topic of discussion between the duo and much attention is given to the fact that she is very promiscuous, unlike her son. Beavis himself is quite aware of her situation and states that "She's not a whore, she doesn't charge for it!". She is never visually depicted, though it is implied that she is obese and has a blonde pompadour like her son.
  • Beavis' pyromania: In the earliest episodes of the show, Beavis and Butt-head had a juvenile fascination with fire and dangerous activities, especially Beavis, who showed an intense interest in fire and often chanted "Fire, fire, fire!". After a trailer was burned down supposedly due to the show, Beavis' pyromaniacal tendencies were censored, though sometimes implied. Sometimes, the censorship would be averted by Beavis chanting something similar, such as "Fryer, fryer, fryer!". This running gag eventually came back in Do America, where it is shown that his dad also shares his pyromania, and was properly brought back Season 8 onwards due to looser censorship. The Season 9 episode "The Special One" reveals the backstory behind Beavis' fascination with fire; during his third birthday, he was hypnotized by the candle fire on the cake, ordering him to look at its "fearful glory".
  • Beavis liking "wussy" music: A running gag in music videos is that Beavis occasionally shows an interest in a musician Butt-head hates. When Butt-head mocks him for it, Beavis acts defensive and often retaliates by kicking Butt-head in the nads by the end of the video. This has happened during videos of Bon Jovi and Katy Perry. In Season 9, he reveals himself to be a huge BTS fanatic, to the point where he twerks along to it and Butt-head kicks him out of his own house in disappointment.
  • Misnaming: Another running gag is the fact that other people have a hard time remembering Beavis and Butt-head's names. Examples include "Buffcoat and Beaver", "Penis and Butt-munch" and "Travis and Bob-head". This is because senator Fritz Hollings infamously lambasted the duo and mistakenly called them "Buffcoat and Beaver".
  • Cornholio: A recurring element within the show is Beavis' alternate personality, Cornholio, which manifests when he consumes large doses of sugar, caffeine, or drugs. While acting as Cornholio, Beavis' eyes spring open, he pulls his shirt over his head, poses his arms in a strange position and starts spouting gibberish relating to "TP for my bunghole" in an odd faux Spanish accent. Cornholio eventually became arguably the most iconic element of the show, and has been referenced in other media (e.g. Big Mouth and Celebrity Deathmatch, the latter of which where Beavis turns into Cornholio and manages to kill Butt-head).
  • Beavis' childishness: Another running gag in the series is that Beavis is very childlike in his mindset. In the episode Babysitting, Beavis was shown playing with the children's toys by himself. Beavis himself also mentioned that his mother gets baby toys for free, and that he really enjoys them.
  • Butt-head's love life: Butt-head is shown to be more interested in "scoring with chicks" than Beavis is. Despite this, Butt-head generally repulses women and on the rare occasions when a woman is interested in the duo, it is usually Beavis. One exception being Cher. This could be because of Butt-head's crudeness and bluntness.
  • Masturbation: Butt-Head teases Beavis for jerking-off, although we hear Butt-Head does too—just not as frequently and as easily. Butt-Head is often making jokes about how Beavis wanks—and where: In Anderson's shed, in the bathroom at the school, at Burger-World, at the Maxi-Mart, etc.
  • Losing Virginity... and Not: A major running gag is the duo's attempts to score—to no avail. We either see some women just leading them on or them seeing something like an abortion clinic, a feminist's support group rally and misreading the situation. There are even rare moments where the two are actually about to have sex, but they will inevitably do something to screw it up.
  • The Many Fates of David Van Driessen: A frequent running gag involves bad things happening to Mr. Van Driessen, the duo's teacher. Van Driessen has been subject to many grisly fates in the series, mainly involving him playing his guitar in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has been run over by a monster truck, mauled by a bear, thrown out of a bus window and off a cliff, hit by a door and arrested by ATF agents, and knocked out by a basketball backboard, all while trying to play a song. However, bad things can still happen to him even without the guitar, like when Beavis and Butt-head ruined his 8-track collection (and then getting crushed by said collection), and when he got flattened by a tire Beavis was rolling in, and when he fell off his desk and broke his neck, and when he got attacked by a swarm of wasps, most of these caused by the duo. He was even driven insane by their lack of empathy towards a sick Principal McVicker at one point.

Retired Gags[]

Some gags have been retired due to controversy, censorship or a simply not being used.

  • Air Guitar: In early episodes (and in a few later episodes), Beavis and Butt-Head enjoyed practicing air guitar. This was used the most when there wasn't as much music available. It was also used when the duo was satisfied with something, and before setting off to their antics.
  • Beavis' aforementioned pyromania was banned for the remainder of the original series, before Do America and Season 8 brought it back for good.
  • Screaming: In the earliest episodes of the show, when they got excited about something, Beavis and Butt-head stared at each other before shouting something related to what they are excited about. The most prominent examples are "Frog Baseball" and "Dog Baseball".