Beavis and Butt-head character
Redneck Lady
Gender Female
First 1-900-BEAVIS
Last Tired

Redneck Lady is often seen in many episodes with a deep angry southern accent. She's depicted in a messy trailer with rollers in her hair, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, unshaven legs, circular bandages on the corns of her feet, leaning back in a recliner and with a constant unhappy scowl on her face. In "1-900-BEAVIS", she is the proprietor of a phone sex hotline where she takes the phone sex calls in her trailer with her kid is around watching it happen, along with her skinny old husband, Lester (named in "Madame Blavatsky") who looks like Dale Gribble. In "Madame Blavatsky", she also has a con business in fortune telling. She is also Beavis and Butt-Head's school bus driver. She also makes appearances in "Tired" and "Radio Sweethearts". In Virtual Stupidity, she is seen in the female prison transport car, implying that she had been caught and tried for certain crimes.


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