Rabies Scare
Season 4, Episode 65
Rabies Scare
Air date March 18, 1994
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They're Coming To Take Me Away, Huh Huh

Rabies Scare is the 4th episode in Season 4 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the overall 65th episode.


Beavis gets bit by a dog and gets unnecessary shots from a psychotic doctor when Butt-head aids him.

Beavis has to get 18 shots in the stomach.

Later, the boys watch a TV program about rabies treatment and Beavis should have getting five vaccine shots in the arm. The boys wonder why the doctor didn't do that.

At the end, the doctor may not what he appears. Unknown if he's crazy or he's evil.



Transcript Edit

[We open with the boys walking home from the Maxi-Mart with nachos in hand.]

Beavis: Nachos rule! They rule!

Butt-Head: Yeah.

[Unknown to the boys, they walk right into the path of a dog who just broke free from its chain. The dog starts barking at them very aggressively, causing them to drop their nachos.]

Butt-Head: Whoa! Check it out!

Beavis: Heh! Stupid dog!

[The dog starts barking more, foaming at the mouth, and gets ready to lunge at them to attack.]

Butt-Head: Uh, I heard that if you, like, don't act scared, they won't attack you.

Beavis: How do you do that?

[Beavis then turns away for a second, and the dog then bites Beavis' leg and throws him to the ground, violently attacking him while Butt-Head watches and laughs.]

[The next day at Highland High School, students gather around Beavis to look at his injury, which has become an open wound.]

Butt-Head: Uh, you wanna touch his bone?

Beavis: Yeah, touch it! [One of the students does, causing Beavis to scream in agony.]

Student: Cool! Does he foam at the mouth?

Butt-Head: Check this out. [He puts two alka-seltzers into Beavis' mouth, then touches his wound, causing Beavis to scream louder and spit foam everywhere.]

Student #2: Decent! Is it contagious?

Butt-Head: No, I disaffected it. [He pours a sports drink onto Beavis' wound, causing Beavis to scream again.] Sports drinks have nutrients.

Coach Buzzcut: [Enters the classroom, armed with a police baton] LISTEN UP, MORONS! Some short-sided federal appeals judge says I can't use this on you. But remember this: in this classroom, I AM THE JUDGE, THE JURY, AND THE JAILER!

Butt-Head: Does it hurt when I do this? [He puts the sharp end of a protractor into Beavis' wound, causing him to scream yet again.] That was cool!

Coach Buzzcut: [Notices Beavis' injury from afar] Do you gentlemen have a problem? Do you wish to enlighten the class AS TO WHAT IS FESTERING ON YOUR LEG, BEAVIS?!

Beavis: Dog bite.


Butt-Head: Uhh?


Butt-Head: YES!!! [He and Beavis begin head-banging, assuming they can cut school because of this.]

[Later, the boys arrive at the hospital's emergency room.]

Receptionist: Hi, can I help you?

Butt-Head: Uhh, he's got rabies.

Receptionist: I see... What's your name?

Butt-Head: Last name is Munch, first name is Rodney.

Beavis: Yeah, Rod Munch! [He and Butt-Head start laughing at the name they came up with.] "Rod Munch"!

[Soon after, they're in the doctor's office, where they're messing around with the model skeleton. Eventually, the doctor enters the office.]

Doctor: So, which one of you is Rod Munch?

Butt-Head: [Points to Beavis] Uhh, he is. He's "Rod".

Doctor: So, Rod, I understand you were bit by a dog. Well, don't be scared, cause look, a dog bit my thumb off once too, Rod. [He does the old "thumb removal" trick.]

Butt-Head: You're stupid!

Doctor: Now, Rod, I don't suppose you brought the animal with you?

Butt-Head: He wasn't very friendly.

Beavis: Yeah, he doesn't like me.

Doctor: Well, we'll have to find him anyway. In a suspected case of rabies, the animal has to be destroyed, of course. And to check for presence of the disease, we cut off the head and dissect the brain.

Butt-Head: Whoa! That's cool!

Doctor: Actually, yes! It is kinda cool.

Beavis: Yeah! Come on, Butt-Head! Let's go find that dog!

Doctor: Not so fast, Rod. Let's talk about your symptoms, first. Any dizzyness, fever, or any convulsions?

Beavis: Umm, yes. No more than usual, though.

Doctor: Hmmm, so far, nothing checks out. Maybe you were lucky?

Butt-Head: You mean, like, no decrapitation?

Beavis: [He sneaks another alka-seltzer in his mouth to make foam erupt from his mouth.] I GOT IT! I GOT RABIES!! [He starts freaking out, spitting foam everywhere.]

Doctor: Ok. I'll call the police about the dog, but first, we better start treatment. [He goes to put on surgical gloves.]

Butt-Head: Does he have to get a shot?

Doctor: No...

Beavis: Cool!

Butt-Head: have to get EIGHTEEN of them, Rod.

Butt-Head: YES!!

Doctor: IN THE STOMACH. [He pulls a rather large syringe and walks over to Beavis, making him lay down on the bed.]

Butt-Head: Cool!

Beavis: [He starts to back away from the doctor.] This sucks! [He screams as the doctor gets closer with the syringe.]

[We then cut to the boys back at the house some time later watching TV. We see Beavis is heavily bandaged around his abdomen.]

Narrator: The good news about rabies is that treating it no longer means a series of painful injections into the solarplexus. New vaccines require only five simple shots in the arm.

Butt-Head: Hey, Beavis. How come that stupid doctor didn't know that?

Beavis: Maybe he doesn't watch TV.

[Meanwhile, back at the hospital, the doctor's caught on to Beavis' so-called "rabies scare" and laughs.]

Doctor: "Rod Munch", huh? [He laughs maniacally...]



  • This is the first episode to feature Butt-Head's new design.


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