Pregnant Pause is the twenty-ninth episode in Season 5 of Beavis and Butt-head. It is the one hundred and twenty-second episode overall.


Beavis is watching TV and Butt-Head is still asleep. Butt-Head then accidentally changes the channel to a show where a women has stomach aches and weird cravings,wondering if she's pregnant. Beavis, who has the same symptoms,thinks he's pregnant. So he asks Butt-Head if you have to be a chick to get pregnant. Butt-Head, still groggy from his sleep, doesn't have much of a response though. The scene now shows them at the Maxi Mart. Beavis overhears a woman saying if this pregnancy test show positive results,she is pregnant. Beavis thinks Butt-Head told him to get a pregnancy test but he was talking about donuts. Beavis thinks he has weird cravings because he had a can of veggies in his hand. Then he asks Butt-Head if he can only be pregnant if he did it. But, he then thinks that you can get "self pregnant" so he steals a pregnancy test. Back home, Beavis uses the pregnancy test. It turns yellow (being his urine,not the actual test result) and he starts to freak out. So he asks Butt-Head what he has to do to take care of a baby,to which he answers by "you're always wiping crap, you get puke on you and you have to watch all these Barney videos." Then, Beavis thinks his "baby" is coming so he starts screaming. As it turns out, he just needed to go to the bathroom.


  • Beavis
  • Butt-head

Transcript Edit

[We open to a sunrise around the neighborhood of Highland, including Beavis and Butt-Head's yard, which has been destroyed by Todd's car from a previous visit. We then cut to the interior of Beavis and Butt-Head's house to see Beavis eating nachos while watching MTV and Butt-Head sleeping. Beavis then clutches his stomach in pain, while Butt-Head changes the channel where a medical drama is playing.]  Beavis: Noo

Woman: [Wakes up to the sound of her stomach growling.] Nausea again?? That horrible, clawing, pounding, aching!

Beavis: [Clutching his stomach in a similar fashion.] Yeah. Me too.

Woman: It couldn't be morning sickness, but what about these cravings?? ...My god! I better not be pregnant! [That word triggers a sense of fear in Beavis. As the scene continues, she's seen waking her boyfriend up.] JAKE!! GET ME SOME NACHOS!!

Beavis: [He stops when he notices he's holding a nacho in his hand and freezes in horror.]

[The scene changes to the emergency room, as doctors rush the woman inside as she goes into labor.]

Woman: Oh! Contractions! Oh, contractions!! IT'S COMING OUT!! I CAN FEEL IT!! [She screams in pain as the doctors rush her to the operating room.]

Beavis: [He's now in a sense of horror, realizing what might be happening to him.] Hey, Butt-Head. When people get pregnant, they have to be chicks, right?

Butt-Head: Uhhh, huh? [He wakes up, none the wiser of Beavis' situation, as Beavis continues to clutch his stomach.]

[We then cut to the Maxi-Mart and Beavis and Butt-Head are purchasing snacks, but Beavis is still writhing in pain. They pass by two woman, discussing their respective pregnancies.]

Pregnant Woman #1: Yeah, I stopped by to get one of those home pregnancy tests. So, I guess if it changes color, I'll be looking like you in no time. [Beavis overhears that and starts to panic.]

Butt-Head: Hey, Beavis. You should get one of those. [He points to a can of nacho cheese.]


Butt-Head: What's your problem, dumbass?! I was just telling you to get some food, or something! [He walks off to get more stuff.]

Beavis: [He's becoming irritated at the situation he's made.] Oh yeah! Food! [He starts grabbing more cans of food.] FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!! SEE?!

Pregnant Woman #2: I keep losing my temper for no reason, and I feel like hell!

Pregnant Woman #1: Really? I find myself craving the strangest foods!

Beavis: [He looks to see one of the cans is a can of vegetables] VEGETABLES?! [He screams in horror and starts walking faster down the aisle.]

Pregnant Woman #2: Well, lately, I've been feeling like a total klutz! [As she says this, Beavis runs into a stack of diapers.]

Butt-Head: [He laughs at Beavis' mishap.] You dork!

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head. You know how those women got pregnant, right?

Butt-Head: Oh yeah. [He starts laughing, as he thinks about what they did to get pregnant.]

Beavis: They had to, like, do it, right?

Butt-Head: Yeah! They did it!

Beavis: Oh. I knew that. I was just, like, you know, testing you and stuff. [He laughs nervously and cries out in pain once more.]

Pregnant Woman #2: Girl, I can't believe you went and got yourself pregnant!

Beavis: [He freaks out when he hears her say that.] You can get yourself pregnant?! [He screams in sheer terror, snatching the pregnancy test kit out of her hands and runs.] GIMME ONE OF THOSE!!! [He then runs into Butt-Head.]

Butt-Head: What's with you, Beavis?? [He looks at Beavis, hiding the pregnancy test in his shirt.] You look like you're pregnant! [He laughs at Beavis, while Beavis becomes more and more terrified.]

[Back at their house, Beavis is still screaming in pain while inside the bathroom.]

Butt-Head: What the hell are you doing in there, butt-munch?!

Beavis: Uhhh, I'm just, uhhh, you know... I'm, like, you know, not doing anything! [He looks at the pregnancy test instructions.] Ok, that chick said it changes color when you're pregnant. Let's see... [He then reads it, but doesn't realize he's reading the Spanish translation.] Antes de que empiece la prueba... Ok. [He stands up.] Let's see, maybe it goes here. [He pokes it into his stomach.] Oww! ...Uhh, no. Ummm, let's see... [He looks at the instructions, seeing a woman urinating on the device's reading strip. He starts to laugh.] You're supposed to pee on it! [He unzips his pants and urinates all over the device.] Ahhhh! Better not change color... [He looks at the device.] IT TURNED YELLOW!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! [He screams in horror, and urinates all over the floor.]

[Soon after, Beavis returns and sits next to Butt-Head, trying to hide his terror.]

Beavis: [He clears his throats.] Hey, Butt-Head. I know this who, like, wants to know what it's like if you, you know, have babies.

Butt-Head: What a dork!

Beavis: Yeah, he's a real dumbass. But, you know, he's, like, you know, really wondering.

Butt-Head: It's, like, you're always wiping up crap and getting puke all over you.

Beavis: Cool! Uhh, I guess?

Butt-Head: But then, you have to watch all these, like, Barney videos and stuff. So you don't get to watch any cool TV for, like, years, or something.

Beavis: Whoa! Having babies sucks! [Beavis starts to become more worried now. He tries to change the channel to clear his mind, only to come across an anti-abortion PSA.]

Husband: But we already have three kids, honey. I'm not sure we can afford to have this one.

Wife: We'll find a way, darling, because the more children we have, the more love!

Narrator: Life: The beautiful alternative.

Beavis: [He changes the channel, but becomes more horrified to discover the same show he was watching earlier, now with the woman giving birth.]

Woman: [She screams in pain.] GIVE ME ANOTHER EPIDURAL, YOU MORON!! DON'T YOU TELL ME I FEEL FRESH!! I FEEL PAIN!! PAIN, YOU LITTLE TURDS!!! [She screams even louder.]

Beavis: [He starts to feel his stomach churning as the scene drives him into sheer panic. He starts to scream.] CONTRAPTIONS!!! CONTRAPTIONS!!! IT'S COMING OUT!!! I CAN FEEL IT!!! [He runs to the bathroom, while Butt-Head just laughs at his antics.]

[Later on, Beavis is heard screaming in pain, then the sound of a loud splash is heard, with Beavis letting out a relieved groan. He then flushes the toilet, and walks out.]

Beavis: Ahhh, that was cool! [He walks over to the couch and sits down next to Butt-Head.] Hey, how's it going?

Bryant Gumble: Ok, now to Willard for the weekend weather. So, tell us, Willard, weather or not!

Butt-Head: [He eats nachos with Beavis.] These guys think they're funny, but they're really just, like, stupid.

Beavis: Yeah, it's like when you think you're pregnant, but you really just have to take a big dump.

Butt-Head: Yeah.

[Beavis sighs deeply, feeling a strong sense of relief knowing his "pregnancy" was just constipation, while he and Butt-Head continue watching Today and eating nachos.]



  • The tire marks that Todd left on B&Bs lawn from the episode "Party" are visible in the beginning of this episode.


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