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Peter Small is a minor character who only appears in the episode Take a Lap.

Peter Small appears in a television commercial where Beavis and Butt-Head watch as he advertises Mega Bulk, a type of workout vitamin. He is shown to act aggressive in the commercial, but this is most likely done so for the sake of advertising. Of course, the duo were too unintelligent to even place an order, so they decide to try to make their own bulk, with little success. They then watch a workout video by Peter Small, but even they couldn't follow up with it.

It was later revealed that Peter Small collapsed and passed away during the filming of his infomercial, which was caused by heart failure brought on by muscle stress to the lower Bunghole.

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  • Peter Small's name appears to be based on Tony Little. He also appears to be a parody of many pitchmen, such as Billy Mays, who usually speak very loudly to sell products that they are advertising, as it is believed that louder means better.



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