Beavis and Butt-Head

Our Founding Losers is the 39th episode in Season 7 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 198th episode overall.


Beavis and Butt-Head take the American flag off Highland High School's flagpole. An enraged Coach Buzzcut catches them and demands a report about the country's forefathers from the two, due to their lack of patriotism. Instead of writing, Beavis and Butt-Head fall asleep and dream about being the founding fathers, as well as other figures in American history. When Mr. Buzzcut comes back and sees that the two haven't written a single word, he becomes extremely furious as he beats them up so violently to the point that the American flag in the classroom falls off the wall.



(We see Beavis and Butt-head outside Highland High School. They are both standing by the flag pole. Beavis is pulling on the rope.)

Butt-head: You're not doing it right dumbass, give me that.

(Butt-head takes the knot apart on the flag pole and the US flag falls down and lands on Beavis and Butt-head.)

Butt-head: Dammit, how are we suppose to get this dumb thing off?

(Beavis tries taking the rope out from the flag)

Beavis: Hang on I almost got it.

Butt-head: Dammit Beavis, get out of there.

(Butt-head pulls the flag away from Beavis)

Beavis: Cut it out, Butt-head!

(As the two fight over the flag Buzzcut comes and is infuriated over what he sees)


Beavis: Um...I don't know (laughs)


(Butt-head picks up the flag and holds it)

Buzzcut: Now, get your sorry asses in here. It's time you learned a little respect for this country!

(We cut to Buzzcut, Beavis, and Butt-head in a classroom)

Buzzcut: This may come as a surprise for you worthless sacks of dung, but that flag you where violating stands for something! Truth, justice, democracy, a way of life that sets our glorious nation apart from all others! Now what do you have to say for yourself!?

Beavis: (laughs) Dung.

Buzzcut: I want you to write a paper about what our history means to you and I better see some deference to our founding fathers who gave their all for live as we know it! Now get busy!

(Buzzcut walks out of the room)

Butt-head: Uh...this sucks.

(The two fall asleep and a dream cloud suddenly appears from Beavis. We see what appears to be a battle of the American Revolutionary War. Beavis suddenly appears almost looking like Rambo with a machine gun and an American bandana)

Beavis: DUH DUH DUH! (Starts firing his machine gun)

Beavis: Take that you commie buttholes!

(He stops firing his machine gun and pulls out a grenade.)

Beavis: You want some to?! Yeah.

(He throws the grenade into a British group of soldiers and it explodes. Beavis flexes his muscles in accomplishment. We then go back to the classroom as the two are still sleeping and we now go to Butt-head's dream. Butt-head appears to be riding a horse resembling Paul Revere)

Butt-head: Uh...the Yiddish are coming! (laughs) The Yiddish are coming! Uh...slow down!

(Butt-head stops his horse in front of a house and falls trying to get down from it. We see inside the house and what appears to be Betsy Ross knitting the first American flag. Butt-head comes up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder)

Butt-head: Hey baby. (laughs) What's under the flag?

(Betsy Ross turns around and is revealed to be Beavis)

Beavis: Hey how's it going?

(Butt-head in horror screams and walks away and suddenly wakes up from his nightmare)

Butt-head: Uh...what are you doing?

(Beavis wakes up)

Beavis: Huh? Uh...homework.

(Beavis goes back to sleep)

Butt-head: Yeah.

(He goes back to sleep as well)

(A dream cloud appears from Butt-head and we see him as Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address speech)

Butt-head: When I almost scored with four chicks seven years ago, this one chick's father brought fourth on me a prostitute. (laughs) Because some dudes weren't created equal. (laughs)

(The crowd cheers)

Butt-head: Yeah. (laughs)

Dave: Play some Skynyrd man!

(Butt-head does his rock n' roll move while the others surrounding him do it as well)

(We then see that the two are still sleeping and we cut to Beavis' dream. Beavis is at the Second Congenital... er, Continental Congress)

Thomas Jefferson: All men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, and among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Er...have you anything to add, Compatriot Beavis?

Beavis: Um...OK, yeah, heh, let me think, how 'bout this? Um...all chicks shall, um, be required to do it with us, m-heh-heh, at all times... E Pluribus Unum.

Thomas Jefferson: A damn fine idea lad!

Everyone: HEAR, HEAR!


(We suddenly hear the sound of a door slamming open and cut back to the classroom where Buzzcut sees they haven't written a single word)


(Beavis and Butt-head wake up screaming)

Butt-head: Uh...not too much.

(Beavis has his paper stuck on his head)

Beavis: Yeah, yeah...nothing really.

Buzzcut: I can see that! You know what I consider people like you?! (takes their papers away from them, looks at them seeing nothing and crumples them) People like you who show such blatant disrespect for the morals and values that this nation was founded upon (right in their faces) the enemy! That's what I consider you! This written report has just become an oral report and we're gonna stay here for as long as it takes for you two failures to come up with something thoughtful to say about the history of this country!

Butt-head: Uh...okay.

Beavis: Yeah, yeah...uh lets see yeah.

Butt-head: Uh...

Buzzcut: So?!

Butt-head: What?

Beavis: Yeah (laughs), so what?


Butt-head: Well uh...once we tried to found Beavis' father but we never did because his moms a slut.

Beavis: Oh yeah (laughs)

(Buzzcut's face turns dark red, now totally infuriated, as he beats the two up. The force is so hard it causes the US flag in the classroom to completely fall off along with it's pole)




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