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No Laughing is the 12th episode in Season 2 of Beavis and Butt-head. It is the 17th episode overall.


Principal McVicker is frustrated with the boy's constant laughing which has also angered the rest of the teachers, so he tries a radical solution to Beavis and Butt-Head's stupidity and continuous laughing in class: he forbids them to laugh for an entire week, or else they will be expelled. It becomes even harder for the two of them to refrain from laughing when they're put in Coach Buzzcut's sex education class for a week.


The bell rings on another day at Highland High School. In the Spanish class, the teacher greets the students in Spanish. He heads to the back of the room where Beavis and Butt-Head are seated, bringing a picture of a person named Juan with a description in Spanish. He asks Butt Head in Spanish about Juan; Butt-Head is only able to answer with "burritos" and "guacamole". The teacher then asks Beavis, who angers the teacher by saying "spaghetti." The annoyed teacher yells at Beavis stating that Spaghetti is Italian, not Spanish. He throws the picture on the floor in anger and scolds the boys for their lack of attention, stating that they have been in his class for a whole year and they only know a bit of Spanish "from Taco Bell". He gives the duo ten seconds to say a sentence in Spanish and if they fail, he will send them to McVicker's office and flunk them. Butt-Head's sentence is nothing but random Spanish-like mumbling and "Rico Suave", which insults the teacher. He angrily orders the duo to go to McVicker's office at once as the class starts laughing. Beavis doesn't come up with a sentence and instead says "Taco Supreme". The class continues laughing as the enraged teacher again orders them out of his class.

In Mr. Stevenson's class, Beavis and Butt-Head are dangerously playing with pencils. One flies into Beavis's eye, but he thinks nothing of it. During roll call, the duo laugh at Daniel Butkus' last name, annoying the teacher. Mr Stevenson immediately confronts Beavis and Butt-Head for being disruptive. This has been very annoying to him because they have been laughing at Butkus for the past seven months and wonders if they're going to stop laughing anytime soon. Beavis and Butt-Head prove to do the opposite and so Stevenson sends the boys off to McVicker's office.

In Mrs. Dickie's science class, she is trying to teach Sex Ed, but the boys are quite disruptive. She becomes very annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head's snickering when they hear the words "sex" and "sperm". Mrs. Dickie angrily shouts at the boys to leave and go see McVicker once again.

In Principal McVicker's office, he confronts the duo for their annoying laughter. He mentions Beavis and Butt-Head have been to four classes and sent to see him four times. He also states that the teachers are fed up with them laughing. Sherman has given up on wanting to teach his history class about the Gay 90's because of them. He originally plans to suspend the duo for a week, but the duo are overjoyed when they realize it means they need to stay off school property for a week. However, rather than suspend the duo, who are now playing an air guitar solo, McVicker angrily yells at them to be quiet. He comes up with a better idea and after taking a bottle of whiskey out from under his desk, he begins laughing and drinking heavily (Beavis and Butt Head, of course, join in laughing.) In the men's bathroom later on, the two discuss the situation before realizing they must face Coach Buzzcut.

The problem is, Coach Buzzcut is teaching sex education, and he is only going to make this task even more difficult for them. After reminding Beavis and Butt-head that Mr McVicker had a little probation with them, he informs the class that the duo must avoid laughing for a whole week or else they will be expelled and sent to "Hope High School" with all the other juvenile delinquents. He then announces that it's sex education week and starts tormenting the boys to get them to laugh, saying that they will be discussing the PENIS, the vagina, the testicles, venereal disease, sexual intercourse, the scrotum, the clitoris, and mostly masturbation. After a while, Buzzcut takes roll call, starting with Butkus (this time, Beavis and Butt-head do not laugh at this, resulting in Butkus laughing tauntingly at them) and other dirty-sounding names.

The moment the school bell rings, Beavis and Butt-head dash out the doors unable to prevent themselves from laughing anymore - they let it all out whilst sweating, panting and gasping for air. Later on away from the school, they laugh at what Buzzcut mentioned.


Featured Music Videos[]

  • Ween - "Push Th' Little Daisies"
  • Carmen Electra - "Everybody Get on Up"
  • Butthole Surfers - "Who Was in My Room Last Night?"
  • Beastie Boys - "So, What'cha Want"
  • Amy Grant - "Baby, Baby"
  • Toni Basil - "Mickey"
  • Scorpions - "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
  • Reba McEntire - "Take It Back"
  • Duran Duran - "Come Undone"
  • Corrosion of Conformity - "Dance of the Dead"


No Laughing/Transcript


  • The bathroom scene was cut from all home video releases; most likely because it was considered filler. In the original airing, the 'insect court' scene from 'Lawn and Garden' was added to the end this episode for filler, and was cut from all home video releases for obvious reasons.
  • The words "clitoris" and "scrotum" were cut in earlier runs of the episode as well as from home video releases, but were added back in in later airings. They were in the flashback in "Beavis and Butt-head Are Dead" though. It could possibly be an outtake rather than a case of censorship.
    • The first time these lines aired was during an excerpt in a special called "MTV Smells Funny", which aired in January 1994.
  • During the men's bathroom scene in early airings, Butt-head's line after "I've looked into all the options" was "and I'm using the sponge". In later airings, the line was "and I'm using the Today Sponge."



  • McVicker's voice sounded more normal and much less quavering than how he sounds like in his later appearances.
  • This episode is the second appearance of both Principal McVicker and Mr. Stevenson, the first was Customers Suck.
  • The term "Gay Nineties" is from the early twentieth century and refers to the 1890s.
  • The later airings of this episode have the commercial bumper at the end of the scene of Beavis and Butt-Head running out of Highland High School laughing instead of Coach Buzzcut calling role.
  • In the TV airings, the three scenes in the second half of the episode were considered a bit too short, so the Insect Court Scene in the final act from Lawn & Garden was added in.


  • There are several animation errors in this episode.
    • In Act 1, "Buenas Dias Clase" written on the chalkboard disappears as multiple students' clothes change while the Spanish teacher is telling the boys what "Juan" means in English, and a board showing the map of South America was switched into a piece of paper pinned onto the board with a stack of sugarbabies from the episode Baby Makes Uh, Three.
      • "Buenos Dias Clase" is misspelled as "Buenas Dias Clase." No professional Spanish teacher would ever make this mistake.
    • In Act 2, the background in Mr. Stevenson's classroom changes from light yellow to light blue (same with the floor changing from salmon to tan) as Butt-Head is about to throw the pencil at Beavis' eye, and then the background changes from light blue back to light yellow (same with the floor changing from tan back to salmon) when Butt-Head throws the pencil at Beavis' eye. When the two boys are in Mrs. Dickie's science class, the background changes from light blue to light yellow (same with the floor changing from tan to salmon) as the other students appear to take place in the same desk.
    • In Act 3, Principal McVicker's surname was mistakenly misspelled "McVicar" until in later episodes. The floor was switched from tan to white, but the background still stays the same, and the chairs that the two boys were sitting on disappears as Principal McVicker brings out his Old Crow Whiskey to drink.

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