Killing Time is the 2nd episode in Season 5 of Beavis and Butt-head. It is the overall 95th episode.


Its 3:58 P.M. and the duo is watching wrestling then Butt-head turned the TV off and he tells Beavis that nothings on for 2 hours (indicating there's nothing good on). So they try to thing of something to do now its 4:01 P.M. Beavis and Butt-Head are still doing nothing but then Beavis starts to annoy Butt-Head now its 4:07 P.M. And Beavis suggests they stand now its 4:14 P.M. and Beavis and Butt-Head are staring at their fuse box and they try to throw up to see if it passes time but they can't now its 4:27 P.M. So they try to play a game which injures Beavis now its 4:54 P.M. the guys are sitting on the sidewalk and Butt-Head makes a joke saying they could do homework. Now its 5:07 P.M. there still laughing about Butt-Head's joke then Stewart walks up and the guys think that Stewart could kill some time so he lists off things they could do which makes Beavis and Butt-Head leave. Now its 5:45 P.M. the duo are back at their home and they look super bored now its 5:51 P.M. they still look bored now its 5:56 P.M. the guys look like there going crazy now its 5:59 P.M. Butt-Head lifts the remote and turns on the TV showing some acrobatics and Beavis and Butt-Head look normal again then the duo talks about TV saying TV was always around, but has more channels now.



Transcript Edit

[3:58 P.M.]

[We open with Beavis and Butt-Head watching wrestling on tv, as one wrestler starts attacking the crowd after losing a match.]

Announcer #1: And Gargantua's heading into the crowd!

Announcer #2: Something tells me he's really mad!

Announcer #3: I'll say he is, Dave! Now, he's just acting like a big kid! Well, that about wraps it up for World Wrestling Universe. Stay tuned for Senior Citizens Golf next!

[At this point, Butt-Head turns off the tv, much to Beavis' surprise.]

Beavis: What'd you do that for?

Butt-Head: Nothing's on for two hours, dude. Uhh, you know what that means, dude.

Beavis: Uhh, what?

Butt-Head: It means we have to, like, do something.

[They sit there and start laughing, feeling very confused about what to do in this predicament.]

[4:01 P.M.]

[They are still sitting on the couch, contemplating what to do.]

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head. How long until something's good on tv?

Butt-Head: Uhh, two hours, dude.

Beavis: ...Hey, Butt-Head. How long until something-

Butt-Head: [He stops him mid-sentence.] Beavis! Shut up or I'll kick your ass!

Beavis: ...Hey, Butt-Head. How long- [Butt-Head slaps him since he won't stop asking.] OWW!! This sucks! What do we do?!

Butt-Head: Uhh, maybe we should, like, think of something.

Beavis: Umm, ok. [He and Butt-Head try to think of something for a good ten seconds.] ...Thinking sucks!

[4:07 P.M.]

Beavis: I know! Let's stand up.

Butt-Head: Uhh, ok.

[They stand up, then look around.]

Butt-Head: That was pretty cool. Now what?

Beavis: Uhh, let's stand again.

Butt-Head: [He looks down at his feet.] Uhh, how?

[4:14 P.M.]

[We now find the duo outside looking at their house's electric meter.]

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head. I think I might throw up.

Butt-Head: Cool! That might, like, take some time.

Beavis: [He starts belching and tries to vomit, but fails.] I can't... I can't do it, Butt-Head.

Butt-Head: [He tries as well, but fails too.] Me neither, and there's, like, an hour and a lot of minutes before something good's on tv. Time sucks!

[4:27 P.M.]

[We now find the duo attempting to play a game with a trash can.]

Butt-Head: Now remember the rules, Beavis. I throw at you, then you throw it at me.

Beavis: Umm, I don't get it. How do you win? [Butt-Head throws the trashcan at Beavis, which hits him in the face.]

Butt-Head: [He starts laughing.] That was cool!

[4:54 P.M.]

[Now, the duo are sitting on the sidewalk.]

Beavis: What do we do now?

Butt-Head: Uhh, we could do homework. [He and Beavis start laughing at what Butt-Head just said.]

[5:07 P.M.]

[The duo is still laughing at what Butt-Head said.]

Butt-Head: "Homework".

Stewart: [He walks up to them.] Hey, guys! What are you doing?

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head! Stewart can, like, kill some time!

Butt-Head: Cool! Uhh, say something, Stewart.

Stewart: Really?! You wanna talk to me?! Wow, that's cool! Let's go to the mall!

Butt-Head: [He then realizes something...] This sucks!

[Beavis and Butt-Head end up leaving Stewart on the sidewalk.]

[5:45 P.M.]

[The duo have become so bored, that Beavis let's his jaw drop down.]

[5:51 P.M.]

[Butt-Head sniffs his finger, while Beavis twitches from sheer boredom.]

[5:56 P.M.]

[Butt-Head is now watching the clock ticking away, while Beavis picks his nose.]

[5:59 P.M.]

[Beavis is chattering rapidly, while Butt-Head slowly pulls the remote up to turn on the tv, and the duo start watching, of all things, an infomercial for an exercise machine!]

Announcer: No need for diets? No time for the gym? Well then, try Multi-Flex! The only spring loaded hip reducer, invented by super-model, Suzanne Somers!

Butt-Head: Beavis, we are about to see the promised land.

[We then see Suzanne Somers on the machine, about to demonstrate an exercise.]

Announcer: Now, here's an exercise you can do while watching tv.

[She begins to demonstrate by spreading her legs repeatedly with the machine, which excites the duo very much.]

Butt-Head: WHOA!!

Beavis: YEAH!!

Butt-Head: WHOA!!

Beavis: YEAH!!

Butt-Head: WHOA!!

Beavis: YEAH!! [He turns to Butt-Head.] Hey, Butt-Head. What did people do before they had tv?

Butt-Head: Don't be stupid, Beavis! There's always been tv, there's just more channels now.

Beavis: Progress is cool!

Butt-Head: [He looks down to notice his pants have progressed.] Yeah! [This causes the duo to start laughing.]


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