Held Back is the 1st episode in Season 5 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the overall 94th episode.


The two are progressively demoted from their original class down to kindergarten, where they wreak havoc.


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  • Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
  • Violent Femmes - Breakin' Up
  • The Dylans - Grudge


In the Mike Judge Collection DVD set, The scene where Beavis and Butt-head are in the 3rd grade and won't fit in the chairs, the lines "This desk is giving me stiffy" and "I don't have room for a stiffy" have been removed. It was replaced with the line "This sucks!"

Transcript Edit


[We open to Beavis and Butt-Head in Coach Buzzcut's Math class.]

Coach Buzzcut: Alright! What's the square root of 9? Beavis and Butt-Head! DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWER?!

Beavis: Uhhh...

Butt-Head: Uhhh, could you, like, repeat the question a few times?


Beavis: Ummm, sixty?

Butt-Head: Uhh, 90210?

Beavis: Yeah! Umm, L-M-N-O-P?

[We then cut to Principal McVicker's office, where we find where Beavis and Butt-Head will soon meet their fate.]

Principal McVicker: I agree with him, boys. Your difficulties in Math, as well as EVERY OTHER CLASS, make it clear that you just don't belong in the 9th Grade. I'm calling the principal of Wilson Elementary School to arrange for you both to go back one grade.

Butt-Head: Uhh, so, like, what grade would that put us in?

Beavis: Are we gonna, like, be in college?

Butt-Head: That would be cool!

Beavis: Yeah, and then we could score!

Principal McVicker: [He dials the number for the elementary school, with a big smile on his face.] Enjoy your new school, boys! [He and Coach Buzzcut start laughing, and Beavis and Butt-Head join in, not knowing they're fixing to be sent back to...]


[We now find the boys in a much more condensed classroom, and more uncomfortable desks.]

Butt-Head: This sucks!

Beavis: Yeah, really! Why do we have to go back to 8th Grade to get to college?

8th Grade Math Teacher: Cancel out the common factors, and we have "X equals two squared".

Butt-Head: [He turns his attention to a girl sitting next to him.] So, like, uhh, have you ever, like, been with an older man?

Girl: Leave me alone, you loser!

Beavis: [He laughs at Butt-Head getting shot down.] Loser!

Butt-Head: Shut up, dill-hole! [He slaps Beavis.]

Beavis: BUTT-HOLE!! [They start fighting, which catches the teacher's attention.]

8th Grade Math Teacher: Excuse me! Are you paying attention back there?

Butt-Head: Uhh, no.

8th Grade Math Teacher: What did I just say X is?

Beavis: Ummm...

8th Grade Math Teacher: Two squared!

Butt-Head: Uhhh...

8th Grade Math Teacher: Two squared? TWO TO THE SECOND POWER??

[And because they can't do 8th Grade algebra, this promptly gets them sent back to 7th Grade, and all the way down to...]


[Now they are in an even more condensed classroom, and even tighter desks, which cause them to struggle.]

3rd Grade Teacher: 4 + 5? Come on! FOUR, ADD IT TO FIVE!

Beavis: Ummm, "W"?

Butt-Head: No way, Beavis! Uhhh, like, two squared or something?

Beavis: This desk is giving me a stiffy!

Butt-Head: I don't even have room for a stiffy! This sucks!

[Once again, because they're complete idiots when it comes to basic math, they wind up going all the way back to...]


[Now they don't even have desks, just little plastic chairs.]

Butt-Head: Hey, Beavis. These chicks are flat.

Beavis: Yeah. [He starts picking his nose.]

[Later on, the Kindergarten Teacher is reading a story about honey jars.]

Kindergarten Teacher: So the mean grumpy bear turned into a nice happy bear. And he lived happily ever after with the one hundred jars of honey, minus one.

Butt-Head: [He looks very pissed off about what has happened.] Numbers suck!

Kindergarten Teacher: Are you angry, Butt-Head?

Butt-Head: Yeah. I'm, like, angry at numbers.

Beavis: Yeah, really. There's, like, too many of them and stuff!

Kindergarten Teacher: That's ok. It's alright to be angry. Everyone gets angry sometimes. Well, let's do some coloring now. Won't that be fun?

[All of the kids, including Beavis, start getting excited.]

Beavis: Yeah! Yeah!! YEAH, COLORING!!! YEAH!!!

Butt-Head: What's with you, dumbass? Coloring sucks!

[During coloring class, we see Beavis drawing random things on his paper, while Butt-Head writes out "DETHROK" on his.]

Kindergarten Teacher: [She brings out a plate of cookies and juice.] Who wants juice and cookies?

Butt-Head: Yeah! [He and Beavis grab the tray from her. He eats a cookie, then spits it on the floor.] These cookies suck! Do you have any, like, nachos?

Kindergarten Teacher: No, I don't have any nachos. Sorry. And I don't like spitting. Spitting can spread germs.

Beavis: Germs! GERMS!! GERMS!!! [He starts thrashing his head rapidly, spitting on everything. Soon enough, he's caused the classroom to do the same, causing total chaos.]

Butt-Head: Germs rule! [He and Beavis start laughing, but just like all the other times, they wind up in the principal's office, this time being Mr. Wilson's office. The teacher is extremely furious with the boys.]

Kindergarten Teacher: Either get these imbeciles out of my class, OR GET YOURSELF A NEW KINDERGARTEN TEACHER!

Principal Wilson: Well, I could try sending them back to Pre-School, but eventually, they'll come back through here.

Butt-Head: Uhh, why don't you, like, but us in a higher grade? You know, where the chicks have big thingies and stuff.

Beavis: Yeah, me too!

Kindergarten Teacher: See what I mean?!

Principal Wilson: Yes, I see. [He then hatches up something.] Hey, these boys just gave me an idea! [He turns to them now.] You're looking at the brightest students that have ever passed through the hallowed halls of Wilson Elementary School!

Beavis: Yeah!

[And so, the boys have "graduated" and are being sent back to Highland High School, but Principal McVicker struggles to keep them out.]

Principal McVicker: "Star Pupils" my ass! These two boys are morons!

Principal Wilson: You just weren't reaching them! They've learned everything they're going to learn at Elementary School, now their young minds need room to grow! So we graduated them early, and we're NOT taking them back! [He storms off, leaving Beavis and Butt-Head with McVicker once again.]

Butt-Head: Uhh, you just weren't reaching us, dude.

Beavis: Yeah. And if you try reaching for us, I'll kick you in the nads!

Principal McVicker: [He starts having a meltdown over this.] OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! [He runs off for his office, while Beavis and Butt-Head finally return to their school.]


  • When Coach Buzzcut asks what the square root of 9 is, Beavis said LMNOP, which actually can be a legitimate answer since those five letters as variables can be any numbers that when multiplied together, they equal 3.
  • When the 3rd grade teacher asks her class what 4+5 is, Beavis' answer of "W" can actually be considered a correct answer, as W is a variable and can therefore be any number, and can be used as 9.
  • It has been speculated that the 8th grade girl who called Butt-head a loser is Quinn Morgendorffer, Daria Morgendorffer's younger sister who would have a major role in the spin-off Daria.
  • Principal Wilson resembles Harry Buddisker from Closing Time.


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