Gorilla Man is a character that appears in multiple episodes of Season 2. He is named the Gorilla Man because he has many features that resemble a gorilla. In the episode Babes 'R' Us, he is a Security Guard working at a Mud Wrestling site and is named Thor. He first appears in the episode At the Sideshow, where the duo attend a Freak Show. While Beavis and Butthead are talking to The Rubber Band Lady, he pops out behind a curtain and screams at the duo for being ignorant and wasting her time. Going back to Babes 'R' Us, Beavis and Butthead try to get into a Mud Wrestling Joint, which is named Babes R Us, but are unable to due to their age. Butthead threatens the women at the Ticket Booth and she calls upon Thor to kick out the duo. Instead of just kicking them out, he slams them on the pavement a couple times, which leaves the duo with scars and horrible wounds.

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