Good Credit is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 7th overall episode.


The episode begins with Beavis and Butt-head watching The Brady Bunch and changing the lyrics. Then, Beavis shows Butt-head Tom Anderson's credit card, which he stole yesterday. Beavis suggests they burn it, but Butt-head tells him they can buy stuff with it. At the mall, the duo has a shopping cart full of stuff, then they decide to go to the pet shop. While that Tom Anderson and his wife Marcy Anderson had just arrived at a hotel. Inside the pet shop, the duo asks to buy two expensive parrots, dogs, and cats. Inside the hotel, Anderson gets mad that he can't find his credit card to pay for the hotel room. Back at the pet shop, they ask the manager if they have dead animals, and he says there are two chinchillas. After they finish buying pets, Beavis and Butt-head now have two parrots, a cockatoo, three dogs, two cats, a lizard, and a snake, all of which, costed $6,275. Then, Anderson is seen searching through his wallet for his card, but when Marcy reminds him he used his card to get out of the shed when the guys locked him out, Tom Anderson explodes. Back at home, with all of the pets everywhere, Butt-head asks what are they going to do with the pets. Beavis suggest they take them to Anderson's house, but they decide to keep two parrots because they closely resemble them and they repeat what they say.


Music VideosEdit

  • Loverboy - "Working for the Weekend"
  • The Bangles - "Manic Monday"
  • Ramones - "Pet Sematary"
  • John (Cougar) Mellencamp - "Pop Singer"
  • Soundgarden - "Rusty Cage"

At least one early airing of this episode had Jane's Addiction – "Been Caught Stealing" in place of the Loverboy and Bangles videos.



The scene on the sofa in the beginning was chopped down; Beavis suggesting that they set fire to the card was cut, as well as him getting singed and Butt-Head calling him a chodesmoker.

Multiple scenes of Beavis trying to burn the parrots perch with his lighter were cut though one managed to make it past the censors during the scene where the pet shop worker is bringing the dog on screen.

Also, the scenes with Anderson and his wife at the front counter were shown at different times, Beavis and Butt-Head's animal spree taking their place. This is probably due to Anderson repeating the line "dammit!" so many times in one scene that they had to break it up into three segments.


[Beavis and Butt-Head are watching the opening to The Brady Bunch while changing the lyrics.]

Beavis and Butt-Head: [They sing over the lyrics "the youngest one in curls"] The youngest one liked girls!

Beavis and Butt-Head: [They sing over the lyrics "but they were all alone"] But they didn't sleep alone!

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head. Look what I found yesterday. [He shows Butt-Head a credit card, which happens to be Tom Anderson's.]

Butt-Head: Whoa! Where'd you find it?

Beavis: Anderson's house! Let's burn it! [He gets his lighter out and begins to burn it.]

Butt-Head: [He swipes it away from Beavis, causing Beavis to burn his hand.] No way, chodesmoker! You can buy stuff with this! You can, like, go to the olympics and buy mountain bikes and cars and stuff!

Beavis: Can you buy BB guns?

Butt-Head: I think so.

Beavis: We're there, dude!

[They change the channel to another.]

TV Host: Hoo, dog! Well, that's the good thing about them possum innards. Still good the next day!

[Cut to Turbo Mall 2000, where Beavis and Butt-Head have started buying all sorts of things. They come across a pet store.]

Beavis: Let's buy some animals.

Butt-Head: Yeah! That would be cool!

Beavis: Credit cars are cool! [He bends the card slightly in his hand.]

[Meanwhile, we see Tom and Marcy Anderson driving to a hotel.]

Tom Anderson: Well, I sure am looking forward this. All the old boys are gonna be here this year. Dick, Peter, Rod, Johnson. Why I even heard a rumor that old John Thomas was gonna show up this time!

[Back at the mall, Beavis and Butt-Head are looking at a very expensive cockatoo.]

Butt-Head: Where's his butt?

Clerk: Excuse me, can I help you boys with something?

Butt-Head: Yeah, I want to buy this thing. [Beavis lights his lighter under the bird.]

Clerk: This "thing" sells for $2,400. Now why don't you boys just- [He gets interrupted by Butt-Head.]

Butt-Head: I'll take two of them, then!

Clerk: Look, if you don't want me to call security, then- [He then spots Beavis holding the card.] Oh, I see! Well, would you like anything else today?

Beavis: Yeah, we want some dogs! [He lights his lighter under the bird again.]

Clerk: [He shows them a dog now.] Ok, well, we have this wonderful golden retriever here. He's 100% pure bred and pedigreed. He comes from a long line of award-winning retrievers, and makes an excellent hunting dog. I can show his papers.

Beavis: Look! He's got a boner!

Butt-Head: We'll take him!

Clerk: Ok, will there be anything else today?

Beavis: [He pulls the cockatoo's perch out from under him briefly.] Yeah! Cats! [Beavis and Butt-Head start laughing.]

[Meanwhile, Tom and Marcy are now inside the hotel's lobby.]

Tom Anderson: Tell me y'all don't got us a room on the first floor close to the bar, and you and I are gonna tangle.

Hotel Clerk: I think we can accommodate you, sir. Cash or charge?

Tom Anderson: [He pulls out his wallet.] I believe I'll use the old plastic. Heh heh! [He soon sees that his card is gone.] Huh?

[Back at the mall, Beavis and Butt-Head are still shopping for animals.]

Beavis: Do you sell any dead animals?

Clerk: No! Well, actually, I take that back. We do have a couple chinchillas in the back that didn't quite make it through shipping. I'm sure we could cut you a real good deal!

Butt-Head: Cool!

[Meanwhile, Tom is frantically searching his wallet for his card.]

Tom Anderson: Dammit. [He angrily throws his wallet on the counter] Dammit! Where the hell's my credit card?! Dammit! I'm gonna miss the opening ceremonies!

[Elsewhere, Beavis and Butt-Head have an entire shopping cart full of animals.]

Butt-Head: [He's trying to walk with two dogs having sex with his legs.] Hey! These dogs are homosexual! [He laughs.]

Clerk: [He begins to ring up their pets.] Ok, that comes to $6,275, sir. And how would you like to pay for this?

Butt-Head: With this thing. [He hands over the card to the clerk, then signs the receipt in his name.]

[Meanwhile, Tom Anderson has become irate at the hotel.]

Tom Anderson: [He shakes his wallet over and over.] Dammit! Dammit! Where the hell is it?! We don't even have enough cash to get home!

Marcy Anderson: Say, honey. Weren't you using it to get into the tool shed after those boys locked you out? [Tom Anderson, now realizing what has happened, screams in sheer rage.]

Hotel Clerk: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Marcy Anderson: [She pats Tom on the back.] Well, don't worry, dear. There's always next year.

[Back at the mall, Beavis and Butt-Head finally leave. But then, almost all of the animals run free, except for the cats, the birds, and the dogs humping Butt-Head's legs. They both start laughing.]

Butt-Head: Welcome to the credit world, dude!

[The Cockatoo flies away, only to have the golden retriever maul it, which rouses the attention of two parrots.]

Parrots: That was cool! [They laugh just like their owners.]

[When they get home, they sit and watch an advertisement for a charity organization.]

Sally Struthers: For just $25 a month, you can feed and cloth and educate an entire family!

Butt-Head: Why don't those people just get credit cards? Then they could eat all they want.

Beavis: Maybe they're stupid!

Butt-Head: Yeah. Hey, what are we gonna do about all these animals?

Beavis: Let's take them to Anderson's house.

Butt-Head: Yeah. It's the least we could do. [The parrots start to laugh again.]

Beavis: Keep the birds, though!

Butt-Head: Yeah! These birds are cool!

Butt-Head Parrot: [It starts to squawk and laugh.] That was cool! [It then starts singing the riff to "Smoke on the Water".]

Beavis: Polly want an alka-seltzer? [He laughs as he feeds the parrot an alka-seltzer.]


  • This is the first time Tom Anderson appears.
  • Butt-head briefly has a GWAR T-shirt. This occurs in the scene in the pet store when they are walking the animals up to the cash register to pay.


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