Beavis and Butt-Head

Glennis is a character from Season 9 of Beavis and Butt-Head who appears in "Weird Girl" where she falls in love with Beavis over their shared social status as outcasts.

She is voiced by Kosha Patel.

Physical appearance[]

Glennis is a young pale-skinned girl with neck-length blue hair that has long hair strands hanging over her face while it is split on either side, brown eyes and freckles underneath her eyes.

She wears a black shirt, black, purple and white bracelets on her wrists, blue ripped jeans and black boots.


Glennis is a timid, quiet and shy girl who is seen as weird by her peers and she rarely smiles. She appears to be friendless as she is seen sitting alone at lunch and her social status as a misfit is what makes her develop feelings for Beavis, who is a proper misfit through and through.

Since Beavis was oblivious to her advances and declared his love for fire over her, she is left heartbroken and burns down the school's Honors trailer in a likely attempt to get his attention. She gets arrested for this, but tries once more to try and get Beavis to know that she loves him by fogging the squad car window and writing "I <3 U" again.

Glennis is also shown to be adept at drawing as she accurately draws the Metallica logo on her notepad, which Beavis compliments (despite not knowing what it was even though it's on his T-shirt as it's always been). However, Butt-Head thinks she's bad at drawing because he misinterpreted her first love letter to Beavis to be a drawing of a butt and a foot, and thinks that she wants to beat up Beavis and later misinterprets her last love letter as her wanting him.



  • Kosha Patel (Glennis' voice actress) also voice Audrey from Spiritual Journey.
  • It is possible that Glennis' natural hair color is black judging by her dark-colored eyebrows and she dyed her hair blue.
  • Glennis is one of the few female characters in the series to develop genuine feelings for the duo (or at least one of them).