Friday Night is the 25th episode of Season 2 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 30th overall episode.


The episode starts off as Beavis is on the couch, watching a parody of "This Old House", where the host Susan helps the viewers how to get a divorce. Butt-Head comes into the room, excited and air guitaring, and asks Beavis if he's ready, as it's Friday night and the two are to go out on a night on the town. The duo ready themselves out in a parking lot, and get their "condominiums and raincoats" checked, both "ribbed for her pleasure", as they are out on the prowl, but both just make their way to the Maxi Mart.

While loitering and sipping at their slushies, Butt-Head attempts to hit on a husky lady getting a chili dog, though he doesn't follow up after his initial impression. Soon after sneaking in a few snacks, a female biker walks into the door, and after capturing the boys' attention, with Beavis getting a "stiffy", she asks them to "come ere'" and stuffs goods down their clothes. Soon reaching the register, she then splashes coffee onto the clerk's face and commands to run out the door, speeding off with the boys on her motorcycle.

Soon escaping to a calmer street, she unloads the boys and thanks them for their help, while the duo compliments her and desire to go with her. Flattered, she declines however out of their safety and speeds off into the night.

With Friday night spent with a cool series of events, Beavis realizes his condom isn't used, which can only mean one thing for the duo: "SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!"




[We open with Beavis watching "This Old House" on TV.]

Bob: Welcome back to This Old House. To finish off the bathroom, Susan's going to fill in the tile with grout.

Susan: No more grout, Bob. I'm getting a divorce. To get a divorce, I went to see Dave, our lawyer. [Cut to her walking into her lawyer's office.] How ya doin', Dave!

[Butt-Head then runs into the room doing air-guitar.]

Butt-Head: You ready?!

Beavis: Yeah! Tonight's the night!

[We cut to Beavis and Butt-Head standing outside the Maxi-Mart parking lot. They're both seen holding condoms in their hands.]

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head. You got your raincoat?

Butt-Head: Yeah. "Ribbed for her pleasure."

Beavis: Yeah. "Unscented."

Butt-Head: Friday night! [They both start doing air guitar to the riff of Guns N' Roses "Paradise City.] We're gonna score!

[Inside the Maxi-Mart, Beavis and Butt-Head are standing near the microwave, watching for women.]

Butt-Head: Hey, Beavis! Look! [He points out the hot dog oven, and they start laughing.] It's still there!

Beavis: [He spots a woman at the counter.] Hey, Butt-Head! Look!

Butt-Head: Whoa! Chick Ahoy!

Beavis: Go get her!

Butt-Head: [Walks over to the woman as she cooks her food.] Uhh, chili burger, huh? [He gets excited and starts laughing, while the woman walks away. He then returns to Beavis.]

Beavis: Did you score?

Butt-Head: Sorta. [As time passes, they remain at the same spot for over an hour. Butt-Head starts belching.] I'm hungry!

[They start taking various items off the counter and eat them in plain sight.]

Maxi-Mart Owner: Hey! You gonna pay for that?

Butt-Head: I guess.

Maxi-Mart Owner: Yeah, you guess right!

Butt-Head: Oh yeah? What do I win?

[Suddenly, the sound of a motorcycle is heard outside, and a biker woman shows up in the store.]

Butt-Head: WHOA!!

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head! I'm getting a stiffy!

Butt-Head: Yeah, me too! Friday night is cool! [They start doing another round of air guitar. Suddenly, she walks up to them.]

Biker Babe: You. What's your name?

Butt-Head: Uhh...

Biker Babe: Never mind, come here! [She starts putting various items in Butt-Head's clothes and down his pants.]

Butt-Head: I love you...

Biker Babe: [Looks at Beavis now.] You! Yeah, come here!

Butt-Head: I saw her first, butt-munch!

Biker Babe: [She starts putting items in Beavis's clothes.] Now listen to me. You just keep quiet and play dumb.

Beavis: What does that mean?

Biker Babe: Let's go! [She grabs a cup of coffee and leads them to the counter.]

Maxi-Mart Owner: Fifty cents. [He then spots Beavis and Butt-Head.] Alright, guys! What's in your clothes?

Butt-Head: Wouldn't you like to know!

Biker Babe: HIT IT, BOYS!! [She throws her coffee in the owner's eyes.]

Beavis: Hit what?

Biker Babe: RUN!!

[As the owner hits the alarm, the three of them manage to escape in the night. Later, she's seen taking everything out of their clothes. Butt-Head giggles as pulls the last of it out of his pants.]

Butt-Head: This is cool!

Biker Babe: Well, I gotta go. You boys did good.

Beavis: Hey! Take us with you!

Butt-Head: Yeah. We want you to be our woman.

Biker Babe: Sorry, but I got important things to do. Things you can't be a part of.

Beavis: Like what?

Biker Babe: Well, I gotta get gas. [She rides away.]

Butt-Head: Drive, Biker Lady! [He turns to Beavis.] You think she does it?

Beavis: Yeah! Hey, Butt-Head. I still got my condominium. What do I do with it?

[They begin to realize what this means. And then, they scream in unison...]

Beavis/Butt-Head: SATURDAY NIGHT!!!


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