Beavis and Butt-Head

Emperor Butt-Head is a version of Butt-Head from an alternate universe that rules over the Citadel of Beavis and Butt-Head alongside Empress Beavis. He is voiced by Mike Judge.


Emperor Butt-Head has a white outfit with a blue robe, and more accessories. He even has a king's crown filled with jewels almost everywhere. He also has a robot hand, a sword from his back, and a mustache. He even has a deaf accessory on his ear.


Emperor Butt-Head is implied to be smarter that his mainstream counterpart, though still less intelligent than Smart Butt-Head. He is shown to bow down in great respect towards Smart Beavis and Smart Butt-Head (Smart Beavis for being the first of their kind in all of reality to score, and Smart Butt-Head for being able to watch Smart Beavis score by hiding in a suitcase). Emperor Butt-Head also mentions that Serena hasn't returned any phone calls or texts.

He speaks in a low voice similar to Butt-Head's, only clearer and with an upper-class accent.


  • Despite him presumably being unable to score, since there is an Empress Beavis and Emperor Butt-Head, they are likely married and should be having kids already.