Dave is a minor character and an acquaintance of Beavis and Butt-head. He is a balding, middle-aged redneck with a swarthy complexion, long, shaggy, dark brown hair and a beard, who drives a beat-up light blue pickup truck.

In Way Down Mexico Way, he gives the duo a ride down to Mexico. Later, it is revealed that he is a drug mule and brought the duo with him in order to help him smuggle narcotics into the United States, by having them swallow condoms full of pills. When they bungle this, he makes them walk all the way back to Highland from the U.S.-Mexico border.

He first appeared in Mike Judge's early animated short "The Honky Problem," in which he yells the infamous line "Play some Skynyrd, man!" and later flips off the character Inbred Jed.  Aside from a significant role in Way Down Mexico Way, his appearances in later episodes such as "The Butt-head Experience" and "Our Founding Losers" are merely cameos with him saying his line when he appears.


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