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The Crazy Farmer is a mysterious and creepy undead farmer who appears in "Cow Tipping" and "Bungholio: The Lord of Harvest". In his appearances, he kills Beavis with a chainsaw. Not too much is known about him aside from the fact that he is a zombie.

Physical appearance[]

He has pale blue-green skin and a deep voice (in "Cow Tipping", he has a higher-pitched voice). He also wears overalls.




Original run[]

2011 revival (Season 8)[]

Video Games[]


  • His character design is often reused for janitor characters in the series, most notably the Highland High one. Whether or not these characters are related are unknown.
    • In Virtual Stupidity, Highland High's janitor is revealed to have a part-time job as "Chuckles the Clown", who previously performed at Stewart's birthday party. The player has to give him an inflated condom so he can turn it into a balloon animal. He is also implied to have a fixation on taxidermy animals, as the player also has to give him the stuffed squirrel so he can get out of the way and the duo can go into the gymnasium.
  • The Crazy Farmer didn't appear in person during the 2011 revival (Season 8), but he did appear on the FBI's Most Wanted list at the post office in "Bounty Hunters."
  • When he appears, creepy music plays and becomes more intense when he tries to kill Beavis.
  • It is implied that he has killed more people, because in "Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest", he was seen digging a hole and red mud (likely blood) was seen. Also, he not only kills Beavis, but also after he meets with Butt-Head, he (Butt-Head) becomes a zombie. In "Cow Tipping", the entrance to the farm says that trespassers will be prosecuted and the farmer was the only person to be seen, hinting that trespassers were killed.
    • At the beginning of said episode, a police car sound can be heard. It is possible that the farmer is also a serial killer.
  • The Crazy Farmer is more dangerous than any other Beavis And Butt-head antagonist, because he actually kills the duo (particularly Beavis) and it is implied that he killed more people.
  • The tone of his voice is similar to Principal McVicker.