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Clark Cobb is an evangelical Christian who is the head of the Christian Businessmen's Association and the owner of Cobb's Family Hardware. His first appearance is Wall of Youth.

He is a man, though well behaving and a gentleman at first, is opportunistic and money driven underneath. He is not hesitant to put his need of business over his Christian values, which he frequently does, and merely follows his religion more as a means of entitlement to "okay" his money making schemes "in the name of the Lord".

Beavis and Butt-head ran into him a few times in the series, and even more times in the comics. However, he rarely recognized them.

He has an Armenian sock puppet named Sarkis “Sako” Kulbayan which he mostly carries around. In Ensucklopedia, it is mentioned that he has a different looking sock puppet called Sako 2. Known fans of Sako include Stewart Stevenson and Dean Zunker. Sako is most notable for being one of very few characters of Armenian descent within contemporary American animated television.

In Wall of Youth, he is seen announcing the event at Highland High School, encouraging the students to let their creativity drive them in the project, provided they are of God's will. During the unveiling, Beavis and Butt-head's crude collage of the names of numerous rock/metal bands, scribbled over the artwork of other participants, win over the judge, but when Beavis absentmindedly claims that it is dedicated to the casualties of the Vietnam War, the audience forms into an angry mob, including Cobb, who states that his brother served in the conflict, before chasing the duo out of the mall.

In Whorehouse, he campaigns against the abortion clinic by yelling "Whores! Fornicators!" This lead the boys think this was an opportunity to get laid. Socko is absent in this episode.

His character is similar to Mr. Garrison from South Park, because of how the two look, their shades conservative stance and the fact they both have hand puppets.

It is also implied in Ensucklopedia that he became interested in hardware because Jesus Christ was a carpenter.

He is voiced by Mike Judge, who modeled his voice after politician H. Ross Perot.

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