Citizen Butt-head is the 16th episode in Season 3 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the overall 47th episode.


Principal McVicker and the other teachers at Highland High School plan to keep Beavis and Butt-Head away from the visiting US President Bill Clinton, who takes a real shine to them at his Q&A session.



Transcript Edit

[We open to Beavis and Butt-head watching TV. An advertisement about the President is currently on.]

TV Announcer: Today, President Clinton will be visiting our very own Highland High School! We'll be holding an event called "Youth: The Next Generation".

Butthead: Huh huh, that guy's really fat.

Beavis: Heh, yeah.

Announcer: The president will answer spontaneous questions from students picked at random.

Beavis: Heh heh, he said picked. Heh heh.

[We cut to Highland High's teachers lounge. McVicker has gathered the staff for a meeting regarding the event.]

McVicker: Are the hand-picked honor students rehearsing their questions?

Dr. Charleston: Yes, sir!

McVicker: Is security in place?

Mrs. Dickie: Check.

McVicker: Now, what about B-Beavis and Butthead?!

[The staff looks confused and unsure as they keep shifting eye focus and contemplating.]

Mr. Stevenson: Maybe they won't come to school today!

[In reaction, McVicker just slams his paper into the desk.]

McVicker: You idiot! It's Taco Day in the cafeteria! They'll be here! Now look, the future of Highland High is at stake, not to mention my personal career. B-Beavis and Butthead must not be allowed within THREE MILES of the President!!

Mrs. Wilcox: Maybe we could just kill them!

Mr. Miller: That would be cool.

[The staff except McVicker laugh about it ala Beavis and Butthead. McVicker was just trying to think of a workaround without the result being in jail.]

McVicker: Uhh, tempting, but I've got a better idea.

[McVicker smirks over his idea as we fade to black. Soon, Beavis and Butthead are back in the principal's office for a different reason.]

McVicker: Boys, take the day off!

[He pulls up a phony looking pass to the boys to give them.]

McVicker: T-This pass will allow you to stay off-campus. Way off-campus, for the next 24 hours. You can go anywhere, do anything!

[Butthead takes the pass.]

Butthead: But today's Taco Day! Huh huh huh.

[McVicker also pulls out a stack of money, which is given to Beavis.]

McVicker: Here's fifty bucks. Go down to the House of Tacos and stuff yourselves.

Beavis: Heh heh, you said stuff. Heh


[The boys sprint out of the doorway, leaving McVicker less stressed. The boys are outside, holding the pass.]

Butthead: Woah! We can go anywhere and do anything!

Beavis: Yeah, heh heh.

[Two thought bubbles appear over their heads, but nothing is in them, accompanied with electricity crackling. The bubbles soon pop.]

Beavis: It's cool to like, try and think of stuff.

Butthead: Yeah, huh huh. This pass is cool.

Beavis: This proves that we're cooler than other people.

Butthead: Yeah, huh huh. People would be jealous if they knew we had it. Let's go show everyone!


  • Beavis' "FIRE! FIRE!" quip was deleted before the first run, obviously missing from Butt-Head's "...and set it on fire!" and then jumping to "Yeah!" after an obvious deleted frame. The edit is even more obvious on airings where Butt-Head is abruptly cut off after stating about "invading a country". The former edit is more common than the latter.
  • The scene with Beavis shouting "BACK OFF, YOU FAT PIG!" is cut from broadcasts and is replaced with a shot of Butt-Head looking confused as Beavis picks his nose again. This would make his frowning expression non-sensical. The reason the edit was done has not been explained yet, although the unedited scene is present on home video.
  • The TV broadcast has an extra scene with McVicker. After he hears about the boys being back on campus, he calls for Ms. Tress to bring him a new pair of pants. It's possible that it was filler and isn't present on home video versions.

Music Videos Edit

  • Whoomp! (There It Is) - Tag Team
  • Love Your Money - Daisy Chainsaw
  • Sober - Tool
  • Low Self Opinion - Rollins Band
  • Blood Makes Noise - Suzanne Vega
  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georgia Satellites


This episode is present on the "Law Abiding Citizens" VHS tape and DVD. Although the episode's promo is on Disc 3 of the Mike Judge Collection Volume 1 DVD, the episode is not present there. Two trusted sources exist for this episode online (without music videos), as seen on the provided YouTube and Dailymotion links. It is highly recommended to download the video from the source (especially the YouTube one) before Viacom takes it down.

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