Cassandra is one of the minor characters that goes to Highland High School with Beavis and Butt-head. She wears glasses, Dr. Martens boots, and a shapeless blue dress. She is the only girl aside from Daria who does not seem to despise either of the boys, giving them friendly advice without the condescending sarcasm Daria would use. She is also somewhat hippieish like their teacher David Van Driessen is.

As part of a class project shown in “Animation Sucks,” Cassandra creates a cartoon of a flower blooming and then dying. Afterward, she remarks that seeing her work brought to live in animated form was “so powerful, so enormous, so brief, just like my father.” This remark is not explained and Mr. Van Driessen, taken aback, moves quickly on to other matters.

Cassandra also appears in “Wall of Youth,” in which she is oblivious to the advances of Butt-head and talks instead about her art project.

In “The History of Women,” Cassandra says in a class report that she admires the singer k.d. lang.

She is voiced by Tracy Grandstaff, who also voices Daria. Like Daria, she is one of the few characters who does not appear in the revival.

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