Beavis and Butt-Head

Logo shown in the intro for Butt Bowl III

Butt Bowl III was a half hour special that aired on January 28, 1996, during the halftime break of Super Bowl XXX.

Opening Dialog[]

Announcer: We interrupt our regular programming for this special event.
Beavis: Um, is the game over?
Butt-head: No, this is the halftime show. I think it's, like, Michael Jackson and then a bunch of little kids are gonna come out and people singing, and it's gonna be all, like, positive and stuff.
Beavis: Oh yeah, yeah. This game sucks. There needs to be more fights!
Butt-head: That was cool when that dude started smacking that other dude, though.
Beavis: Really? I missed it. What happened?
Butt-head: Uhhh... It was kind of like this:
(Butt-head rapid face slaps Beavis)

Episodes Shown[]

  1. Prank Call (premiere)
  2. No Service (premiere)

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