Beavis and Butt-Head

Butt-Head's Imaginary Children are three hypothetical children he imagines fathering in the episode Vasectomies.

Their names are as follows;

  • Butt-Head Fournior: The oldest child.
  • Butt-Head Junior: Middle child.
  • Butt-Head Threenior: Baby.


Butt-Head's children are shown first, in a fantasy of Butt-Head's where he is a muscular, handsome, successful musician. Then, in a fantasy of Beavis', where Butt-Head is essentially the same as he is in reality.

In both fantasies, the boys are shown to be extremely loving towards their dad, and impressed with him.

In Butt-Head's fantasy, Butt-Head Junior asks his dad to tell him and Threenior about all the times he's scored, again, implying they ask this frequently. The doorbell then rings, and Fournior is there with his teacher. She hand-delivers his report card, which has the note "I want to score with your dad" written on it.

In Beavis' fantasy, he is living in the house he grew up in with his own three children. Butt-Head and his family come over for a play date, which we see consists of the six boys fighting each other. It is implied they have a similar relationship to each other as Beavis and Butt-Head did growing up. Butt-Head's children are shown dominating Beavis' kids in their respective fights.


All three boys heavily resemble their father. They each have brown hair, prominent gums, and the same noses as Butt-Head.

Interestingly, the boys all have hair all the way down each side of their head, which implies teenage Butt-Head intentionally shaves the sides of his hair.

Junior: Butt-Head Junior is the middle brother. He wears a red shirt and grey shorts, the opposite of what Butt-Head wore as a teenager (grey shirt with red shorts.)

Threenior: The youngest brother. He is a toddler. He has a very large head, and wears a grey shirt and a diaper. He is always shown with a light blue pacifier in his mouth. He crawls, and can stand on his own.

Fournior: The oldest brother. He wears a green shirt and grey shorts.