Burger World (Episode) is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 8th overall episode.


The episode begins with Beavis And Butthead watching Star Trek on TV. Later that day, at Burger World, they took out some trash and went in. Tom Anderson stops by and look at the menu and orders his large fries, pie, and a large coffee but Butthead tells him to pull up to the window and Tom didn't understand what Butthead was saying. Then, Mr. Anderson was angry because Butthead didn't get his order. Then at the kitchen, instead of the large fries, pie, and large coffee, Beavis frys a dead mouse and bugs. When Beavis was still cooking the food, Mr. Anderson came in and tells Beavis And Butthead that he orders his fries, pie, and coffee every Thursday afternoon before he goes to the foot doctor and waits out for 20 minutes. He puts on his glasses and he thinks that Beavis and Butthead spray-painted his dog last week. But Butthead says that there were other kids. Then, Beavis walks up to the fryer, and Mr. Anderson tells them that he didn't order an uhh, Beavis salts Mr. Anderson's food and gave it to him. Butthead checks the cash register to see how much it cost but Tom's food was free and then he left.




Beavis calling Butt-Head a "chode smoker" at the end was cut from home video releases.

In the TV version there is an extra transition video which shows the exterior of Burger World after Beavis and Butt-head go back into the restaurant after just having been at the dumpster and before Mr. Anderson pulls up to the menu board outside.

Transcript Edit

[Beavis and Butt-Head are watching Star Trek]

Captain James T. Kirk: Bones, we've got an injured crew-man here and you've got to do something! You've got - to do - something!

Leonard "Bones" McCoy: Captain, there's a limit to what one man can do. Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a do-, oh yeah. I'll get right on it.

Butt-Head: Hey, Beavis.

Beavis: What?

Butt-Head: Beavis!

Beavis: What?!

Butt-Head: Those guys better look out for the Klingons near Uranus! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!

[Cut to Burger World's exterior.]

Butt-Head: Look! Chicken sandwich! [He eats the rotten chicken sandwich while he laughs]

Beavis: Cool! [Beavis laughs also, still digging through the trash, then pulls out a mouse.] Dead mouse!

Butt-Head: Cool! Eat it, dude!

Beavis: You eat it! [Beavis gets a thought bubble over his head for a moment.] Let's go inside. I got an idea.

[Beavis and Butt-Head go inside the restaurant, while Tom Anderson pulls up in his car and begins to look at the drive-thru menu.]

Butt-Head: [On the speaker] Uhh, hello?

Mr. Anderson: You know, back in Bataan, we could've fed six hundred men in the time it's taking you ham 'n' eggers just to take my order. We'd have you boys digging latrines! [he gives a chuckle, then hocks a loogie and spits it on the ground]

Butt-Head: [Laughs for a second] Uhh... Hello?

Mr. Anderson: Look, now I'll talk slow, so's you can understand me. Large fries, pie, large coffee, pronto! You got me, good buddy?

Butt-Head: [He pauses for a moment, then laughs again.]

Mr. Anderson: Y'all don't got that in there? Large fries, pie, large coffee? Y'all don't got that in there?! Large fries, pie, large coffee?!

Butt-Head: [He finally responds.] Uhh... Pull up to the... Hello? Pull up to the window.

Beavis: [He drops the mouse into the fryer.] Cook! Cook! Cook! [He laughs as the mouse fries.] Cook! Cook! Cook!

Butt-Head: Hey, Beavis! I need like, fries, and uhh, like, a pie, or something.

Beavis: [He reaches into the refrigerator and throws a handful of fries into the fryer, followed by ripping bugs off the fly paper and throwing them in as well.] Cool! Cook! Cook! Cook!

Butt-Head: What?! What?!

Beavis: Check it out! Mouse Burger and French Flies.

Butt-Head: [He laughs too.] Extra crispy!

[Outside, Tom Anderson is honking is horn repeatedly.]

Mr. Anderson: Get bad service, you gotta complain, and the squeaky wheel gets the greasin'. That does it. I'm going in there and when I'm finished they're gonna be sorry this old sailor was ever born.

Beavis: [puts his hand in the fryer, in an attempt to get some sort of sensation while trying hard not to feel any pain] HAAAAH HAAAAH HAAAAH - [feels the burning sensation] Ooohh!

Butt-Head: [has a go with the fryer, and sticks his finger in] Huh huh. Ow! Ough! [he lets his finger out of the fryer, and Beavis has another go]

Beavis: [sticks finger in fryer] Oooooooooooooohh!

Butt-Head: [taunts Beavis] Huh huh, you wussy!

[Butt-Head unknowingly steals- er, 'borrows' some money from the cash register/till, and then he fools around with the speaker by giving it a test. Beavis's hand is wrapped around in bandages after having burnt it by sticking it in the fryer.]

Butt-Head: [On the speaker] Seymour Butts? Anyone here Seymour Butts?

Beavis: [He laughs] That was cool!

[Tom Anderson walks in, then gets hits by the door, breaking his glasses.]

Mr. Anderson: Excuse me, but do y'all call this a restaurant?! I drive up to the window, order my large fries, pie, and a large coffee just like I do every Thursday afternoon before I go to the foot doctor, and I'm waiting out there twenty minutes! [He stares closes at them.] Hey, you look kinda familiar. You ain't the kids that spray-painted my dog last week, are you?

Butt-Head: That was, uhh, other kids.

Mr. Anderson: Well, anyway, large fries, pie, large coffee! Now! You got me, Bubba? [Beavis goes to get his "food".]

Butt-Head: Uhh.....

Mr. Anderson: I didn't order "uhh"! I ordered a Large fries, pie, and large coffee! Now get them out of the fryer and cough them up!

Beavis: [Rings the bell] It's ready! [He drops the fried mouse, bugs, and french fries into a bag.]

Butt-Head: [He rings up Tom's order.] Uhh, here. It's, uhh... it's free, I guess.

Mr. Anderson: [Speaks to Butt-Head quietly] Say, tell me something. That boy ain't right in the head, is he? [He watches as Beavis hap-hazardly salts his "food".]

Butt-Head: Nope.

Mr. Anderson: Now, don't get me wrong or nothing, I think it's great y'all hired the reject. Hell, keeps him off the street, and away from my place! Heh, y'know what I mean? [Beavis hands Tom his "food".]

Butt-Head: [He shakes his head in disagreement.] Here you go, dude.

Mr. Anderson: Oh, well! Alright then. I'll see you next week then. [He stops at the door briefly.] By the way, you really oughta trim these hedges here, and maybe run an edger over here by the curb. I could just do it for you boys if you don't have the proper equipment.

Butt-Head: Uhh... [He laughs again.]

Mr. Anderson: Ok, I'll see y'all later. [He finally leaves.]

Butt-Head: Heh! He's gonna eat a fried mouse!

Beavis: Heh, and bugs!

Butt-Head: And he's coming back later.

Beavis: I know where there's a dead raccoon!

[Later, we find them back at their home.]

Butt-Head: Did you know that when you eat rump roast, you're eating a cow's butt? [Beavis starts laughing at that.] That's cool!

TV Announcer: Attention, Homeowners!

Butt-Head: Pay attention, Beavis! [He laughs.]

Beavis: Chode-smoker! [The two of them start laughing at what the announcer just said.]


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