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Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest is the first episode in Season 6 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the 141st episode overall and the second holiday special.


The episode starts with Beavis and Butt-Head watching a horror film, when two kids trick-or-treating show up at their door. Mistaking them for handing out samples, Butt-Head takes their candy and slams the door in their faces, and soon their father takes it back and beats them up, while sarcastically telling them to have a happy Halloween. After hearing what the children's father told them, they realize that tonight is Halloween. So they decide to go out and trick-or-treat, but are dismissed twice for not wearing costumes.

First Butt-Head suggests they dress up as ghosts. However, when wearing the white bed sheets, Beavis complains that the sheets smell funny. Butt-head reveals that they are his "special monkey sheets". Beavis knows exactly what he means. So he immediately reacts in disgust trying to take it off as Butt-Head laughs. Then Beavis jokes around by putting on a winger shirt saying that he's going as a wuss and sings the song "Seventeen." This irritates Butt-head as he smacks Beavis to stop. Then finally, Beavis puts his underwear over his head and calls himself a nad. Butt-Head pours melted cheese all over himself and calls himself Nachos.

They first approach a house where a kind man doesn't give them any candy. He instead gives them pamphlets for some scary reading. Next they approach Anderson's house, who is about to dismiss them when his old friend calls, and he leaves his living room. Beavis and Butt-Head go inside, where Beavis starts eating all of the candy in the candy bowl. Butt-Head demands he give him some too. But Beavis refuses to give him any and quickly eats more. Then Beavis gets hyper and transforms into Cornholio. Then another kid comes to the door saying: "Trick-or-treat". Beavis makes a vicious face to him and loudly screams at him and scares him away. Anderson comes back and kicks them out, and when another trick-or-treater comes to Anderson's door, Anderson yells at him, mistaking the child for Beavis and Butt-Head as the actual Beavis and Butt-Head wander away.

Slightly ahead of Butt-Head, Beavis encounters Stewart and his A.V. Club friends, who are contemplating tp-ing houses. Beavis' Cornholio persona freaks them out. Then he demands that they give Beavis their T.P. Freaked out, the A.V. Club group runs off leaving behind not only their T.P. but also their candy, in which Beavis happily partakes in. Then he shoves some T.P. up his butt crack and walks around with the roll dragging behind him. Not too far behind, Butt-Head is getting increasingly irritated at Beavis for not sharing the candy. But then stares in awe as Todd drives by in his car, who nearly hits Beavis. Todd gets out and holds Beavis up by the collar of his shirt ready to beat him up, but relents after being unnerved by Beavis' Cornholio personality. Todd and his friends then stuff Butt-Head in the trunk of their car and drive off, leaving Beavis to follow the resulting tire marks on foot.

After following the tire marks through a cemetery, Beavis encounters a young Trick-or-treater and his parents and demands that they give him his candy. Being creeped out by the Cornholio persona, the parents convince their son to do so, who is adamantly against it. The dad then takes the kids candy from him and drops it, and the family runs off. Beavis happy takes the dropped candy into the cemetery where he eats it. Meanwhile, Todd and friends drive into the Country and drop Butt-Head off on the Crazy Farmer's farm, after which Todd and friends drive off into the night.

Eventually Beavis follows the tire marks into the Country and meets the crazy farmer, who is digging a hole. The Farmer demands he go inside the barn and knocks him out. Beavis is next shown waking up to painfully realize he is now hanging from a meat hook. Just then, a zombified Butt-head and the crazy farmer walk in. They both pull out chainsaws and slaughter Beavis. Beavis screams his head off in fear and unbearable pain as the screen slowly turned red and ends.


Music Videos[]

  • Alice Cooper - "Teenage Frankenstein"
  • Paul Broucek - "Hollywood Halloween"
  • King Diamond - "The Family Ghost"



  • This episode was released in the “Butt-O-Ween” VHS home release.
  • In the home release and in some countries, the episode itself is called “Butt-O-Ween”.
  • While Cornholio (Beavis) is wandering around the graveyard searching for candy, a kid is dressed up as a Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The family gave up their candy and ran away. Similarly, a kid is dressed up as a White Ranger in an earlier scene in the episode.
  • The 'Butt-O-Ween' title is a parody of the 1978 movie, Halloween. Interestingly enough, this special aired the same year as Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers hit theaters a month before.
  • In this episode, Cornholio finally gets some T.P. for his bunghole.
  • On November 1, 2008, at exactly 12:00am, MTV US aired this episode and was the last known episode to be aired on TV in the US with music videos until June 23, 2022.


  • A scene where Beavis wears Stewart's Winger shirt and says "I'm a wuss" before singing Winger's "Seventeen" appears in airings but not on the VHS or DVD releases.


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