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Pretending to be a rich bachelor, Butt-head mail orders a Russian bride.


Butt-head reads an article in the newspaper that says you can mail order a bride. He calls the number and lies about his age and income. The man sending out the brides puts Butt-head on hold and speaks to one of his women, Katia, who has just split from the husband she was assigned to. The bride dealer notices that Katia is near Butt-head's house and tells her all the lies Butt-head has said about himself. Excited, Katia agrees to marry Butt-head. Soon, she arrives at Butt-head's house and is disappointed by what she meets. Butt-head, on the other hand is thrilled, believing he will finally score. Another person is at the door and Beavis checks to see if he got a bride too, but it is only Stewart wanting to hang out. Stewart is shocked that Butt-head actually mail ordered a bride. Butt-head tells he and Beavis to leave so that he and his wife can have sex, but Beavis stays to watch. Katia is disgusted by Butt-head's attempts to flirt with her. The next day, Butt-head has brought Katia to class with him and Beavis asked if they did it last night, and Butt-head admits that they didn't. Mr. Van Driessen is also shocked that Butt-head Mail ordered a bride. On the way back from school, they see Todd in his truck, who hits on Katia. Katia gets in the truck with Todd, telling him to take her away from Butt-head. Later, Todd has parked in front of Beavis and Butt-head's house and is having sex with Katia in his truck. Beavis asks Butt-head several questions about it, then says that if Todd is having sex with his wife, then that means Todd and Butt-head are "related", in a way. The two giggle and hearts float around them as they hope this means Todd will finally let them into his gang.

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