Beavis and Butt-Head

Bounce is a song by Run-D.M.C. It appeared as the 5th track of the album The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience.



"This is the way, the way, the way." (8x)
"Everybody just BOUNCE!" (cut by Jay) (3x)

Run: I open doors, take a pause, doin tours then I come again
Run'll be runnin up in the spot cause I be runnin
Dem seen dis, now DJ Run'll be comin
And gettin fiendish, my tracks are fat and in fact
It's not just a lean dish, your soup and salad not valid
I serve a mean dish.. mean dish..

I got my mic in my hand and my plan to come
The official DJ rapper name is DJ Run
All other sucker rappers boy you're just my son
All wet behind the ears I freeze I froze you're numb

PUMP PUMP! I scream on you, you talk and talk
PUMP PUMP! Run you round the track then walk it off
So, check for me take in a weapon and even steppin
To my foes even those of Joe's are always kept in

Seperate rows broken nose from blows ruin your rep
When I pounce, all my foes suppose, I swing the ep
And just BOUNCE!

"This is the way, the way, the way." (8x)
"Everybody just BOUNCE!" (cut by Jay) (3x)

D.M.C.: My name is D.M.C., the one you know
The all-time great, I'ma steal the show
I put the mic, inside my hand
And spread a funky rhythm all across the land

I blow your mind, the rhyme'll flow
I hit you with the rhythm and they give me dough
I'm one of a kind, I rock your mind
I'm stingy with the digits when I rock my rhyme

I bust a vein, inside my brain
I came with the name and I claim the fame
I'm hard to the core, wicked and raw
The rhymes break raw when I'm breakin your door

I kick a ill style cause I'm sticka-still wild
Take-a take-a chill now, cause I got to kill a foul
Foul-mouthed sucker knockin out all doubt
I'm takin suckers out, cause I make a sucker bounce!

"This is the way, the way, the way." (8x)
"Everybody just BOUNCE!" (cut by Jay) (3x)

BOUNCE! (2x)

Run: I got no time for the climb, I'm the kind to rhyme
There's no sign of my mind slippin off the line
And if you find there's a dime, I left behind
I come fast for my cash, I must rewind

Easy does it, Run'll do it, speakin fluid vocabulary
Vocal, we makin em come to it - then I have you very
Often, lost in, Run'll run a boss then
Confuse you lose you're all lost up in the sauce

Then I stir you sir you're all shakin cause I'm diesel
Drop hip-hop, and then POP goes the weasel
Comin and runnin and seekin daily for my kingdom
Takin my lyrics at first they hear it then they sing them

I take a sucker and do em, the heads I flew em
First I chew em, then I school em and sue em, and steppin to em
Is a daily operation I ruin, all those I'm doin
I pursue em, make em boo and come to, you and your crew
And just BOUNCE!

"This is the way, the way, the way." (16x)
"Everybody just BOUNCE!" (cut by Jay) (8x)



Bounce (With Beavis And Butt-Head Intro)