Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis' Imaginary Children are three hypothetical children Beavis imagines fathering in the episode Vasectomies.

They are not named in the episode.


In the episode, Beavis imagines having three children. They are shown to be extremely similar to himself, and speak in the same gravelly voice and speaking pattern, they are shown sitting on a couch in Beavis' childhood home. They invite their dad to play legos with them, before the doorbell rings.

At the door is Butt-Head and his kids. The six children play by fighting each other. Although Beavis' kids are mostly dominated by Butt-Head's in the fight, they are still shown competently fighting back and landing punches on Butt-Head's kids.


Oldest: He resembles Beavis, although his eyes are closer together and his nose is smaller. Although he still has his signature pointed nose. He wears a grey shirt and blue shorts. This is the opposite to what Beavis wore as a teenager (blue shirt with grey shorts.)

Middle: He also highly resembles Beavis, although the top of his hair is noticeably flatter. He wears a white shirt and grey shorts.

Youngest: The baby. He wears a diaper and a baby blue shirt, and always has a blue pacifier in his mouth. Much like Butt-Head Threenior, he is able to crawl and stand on his own.